FSXA Adding props to default Hovercraft

Hi Arno, I am trying to add props to the default hovercraft, both static and rotating. The textures are there, but the props are not included in the model. I am not too sure where to start here. It is strange that they did the textures but not the animations in the mdl file. The prop textures are not in the mdl file either. The Boat is SimObjects/Boats/VEH_water_hovercraft01_sm. I have done the spray effects and sound, just need the props now. Thank you, Charlie.


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You cannot add polygons (which is what the props would be) to an already compiled model, sorry.
Props for hovercraft

Thanks Tom, no problem because you would not see them that well, due to the transparency issues with the spray effects. Whilst you are here, I noticed on your site that you had a parking spot that has no push-back for the old prop liners. Do you think that this would work as a parking spot for float planes on a water apron and taxy paths? Just a thought. Charlie.


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I am not sure I understand your question. The MDL Tweaker tool is for FS2004 only and it seems you are tweaking a FSX model. Did you actually try to use this tool or did this post just end up in the wrong forum?


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AFAIK, any parking spot in FSX can have no pushback, if desired. It's different from the FS9 solution I usually post, though.

For FSX, the pushback will be as long as the distance from the parking spot center to the first taxiway node. So if you add a taxiway node to the taxi path to the parking spot and place it exactly at the parking spot's center point, that spot will have no pushback, since the distance of the first link is 0.

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