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Adding trees to polygons in SBX.

Hello :)
So, recently, I've been thinking about adding some trees to my resampled photo bgl. Now, I got this idea from another scenery, that I've studied. They somehow managed to create polygons, with trees inside them.
I've got a .shp file, with the polygons of forests surrounding my area, now, I've ported the polygons via the append option in SBX, but what do I do next? How do I place trees inside those polys?

I'm attaching a screenshot of the Annotator tool with a scenery that I've studied inside out.


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You would assign to the polygons an appropriate landclass that would show trees.
Do you think that FSX/P3D will/can accept to render landclass polygone above photoreal BGL ?
I have always read that photoreal BGL mask all landclass below and accept only autogen ... am I wrong ?

Arno's ScenProc uses Geo-referenced imagery and ESRI Shape *.SHP files to detect / create Autogen via AGN Rectangles. :idea:


Yup! That’s what I’ve done. I’ve used HOT Export to get the shapefiles of forests, water parts etc. Split the shp mulitpoly file with QGIS query builder, then rasterized the water file for the water mask. Ported the forests file to scenProc, got some forests (exported AGN files). Then I compiled the photoscenery. Opened the resampled bgl and saw all those polys! And in-sim, everything was there - autogen trees on top of my photoscenery!

Just one problem, the autogen trees disappear around the airport, where there should be trees. Like there’s a big exclusion rectangle
Do you use a ground polygon or a photo insert for your airport background?

If you use a GP, it will inhibit autogen.

If you use a photo insert, you will need to put the agn files in the texture folder associated with the photo insert scenery folder.

Also, remember that I said that P3D does not render polygon autogen correctly. (Try a simple vegetation rectangle).
Do you use a ground polygon or a photo insert for your airport background?
Errr. It's a resampled .bgl file, made with resample.exe. The airport perimiter uses ground poly for the background. I exported the agn files with scenProc to the texture folder (How else would the annotator show the green polys?)

Here's a show off of my drawing skills, that should explain something.


I think that is your problem. The poly is inhibiting autogen.

Does GPW not have an option to not exclude autogen on output?
The ground poly is not that big. It’s only inside the airport (area inside the fence). The rest is a photoreal bgl.

Since when does ground poly exclude autogen? I always have to apply a flatten to prevent the trees on getting on the poly.


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Since when does ground poly exclude autogen? I always have to apply a flatten to prevent the trees on getting on the poly.
Since always :) it's a common problem for a long time already. There are some tweaks you can use to prevent it though. Which technique you used for make the ground polygons?
Well, turns out that’s true! Autogen does block out some autogen.

So, uh, I worded the thread wrong. See, after I ticked the option to prevent autogen exclusion in GPW of MCX, it actually gets rid of my photoscenery where there should be trees (vegetation). Trees do appear, but not my photoscenery.

What I meant, was autogen vegetation on top of the photoscenery.