ADE and how do you do it?

Morning all, have only just been able to get into the forum for some reason??
Anyway am not having any luck in attaching ANYTHING I guess this is another thing to learn.
I tried a pix [jpeg] and it exceeds the limit???
And I cannot seem to find all the dox I have.???
Until I can post a pix or a bgl here is what happens.

If I compile just a dock fault finder says its an orphan and fsx crashes on loading.
If I include a runway [with starts] the same happens.
If I include a taxiway whether linked to a runway or not and linked to the parking spot with an apron link the sim loads. The aircraft is in the correct position at the parking spot but is sitting on a raised sort of rock feature that follows the path of the taxiway.
The runway does not show and the aircraft will load at either end. The runway has a N and S start.
Another question I need to ask is that a tower would not be normal at a simple lake base so is it SAFE to delete this item???


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The tower item in the basic file is not a visual object but the point where you go when you select to view you aircraft from the tower. You may want to keep that otherwise I think it is safe to delete. In the Home edition ADE generally adds this view as in most cases it would be included

The reason why your FSX is crashing when trying to load WD40 is you do not have a completed Airport yet.

You added a parking spot that does not have a runway/taxiway network defined and this will cause FSX to crash even though the BGLCompiler will compile your airport.

There are 4 tags needed for a airport that has a runway when you added a parking spot.

When adding Taxi information to an airport, the following elements must all be present and appear in this order: TaxiwayPoint, TaxiwayParking, TaxiName, TaxiwayPath. ADE Home handles the proper order once they are on the Grid.

TaxiwayPoint, You do not have
Taxiway parking , You have
TaxiName, must be listed even if no name is assigned
Taxiwaypath, you do not have.

TaxiwayPath requires

Taxiway path Type Runway Link line, You do not have
Taxiway path Type Taxiway or Apron Link Line, You do not have
Taxiway path Type Parking Link line, You do not have

You have a parking spot but you must make a taxiway network that links to a runway linkline if you want your airport to open in FSX with no crashes.

I moved the parking Spot over next to the runway.
I added a Runway Link Line
I added a taxiway path from the parking spot to the runway with a proper holdshort node.

Airport now opens in FSX when you "Go To" WD40

Be sure you are in slew mode if the Airplane of choice when "Going to" is not the Beaver with floats.
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OK many thanks will have another go.

HOWEVER please answer this.

It is not normal to have these items at a float plane base.

Are you saying that in ADE you MUST have these items.
OR is there anyway to add just a parking spot???
You can have just a water runway in FSX and nothing else.

If you add a parking spot then you must have a taxiway network. The missing taxiway network is causing the crash because you added a parking spot.


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However that network can be effectively invisible. There does not need to be any visible surface, markings and so on.
To add to what Jon says

I used Apron linklines in your .bgl which are invisible and a Holdshort No Draw so the WD40 airport is invisible to the water.
OK I understand what you are saying [I think]
I have just had another go and all loaded with no probs EXCEPT

the aircraft is STILL sitting on top of a raised hard surface which is from what I can see the taxiway??? And it is solid I cannot taxi through it.
I wish I could get a pic to you.
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No pic needed

The lake elevation is 39.8461990356445 Meter (rounded 39.85 Meter) but for some reason you decided to use 41.95 Meter as your airport ARP and the runway elevation.

This added the height change you see with the parking spot, taxiway and the runway.
OK I see.
I used traffic tools to determine the elevation which is/was 137 approx FEET and this is what I put in the new airport dialogue box.

What did you do??
You are making things too complicated. For a water airfield with no AI, you need only one thing, water start points. You do not need parking spots, you do not need taxiways nor do you need a runway:

the aircraft is STILL sitting on top of a raised hard surface which is from what I can see the taxiway???
The reason is because you have created a parking spot at a fixed height. If you remove the parking spot, runway and taxiways, it will sit at the water level:

Incidentally Jim, I'm using the Horizon Generation-X beta watermasks and TCalcX shows a variation in height due to the swell. This doesn't happen with the default scenery.

Thanks George

Water is not my area as you know. I was trying to work with what Richard had already done. I noticed the swell will create a slight step up if the runway is sitting slightly higher then the lowest swell.

For the User plane I did not realize all that is needed is a ARP and some start locations but after flying the Beaver in and out of Richards WD40 I started to realize a runway is not even needed and can only make things a little more less desirable.

Now AI is probably a whole different set of rules.
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I noticed the swell will create a slight step up if the runway is sitting slightly higher then the lowest swell.
Hmm, in the original thread on water airfields, the author mentioned that he found variation in ground height when using TCalcX. However, the variation isn't present in slew mode, only in normal mode.

The height for Richard's WD40 (oil?) is 38m when using the Genaration-X 5M mesh.

Well guys I'm there.
It works.
I have a parking space and 2 water starts.
Everything loads ok at all 3 locations.
I have attached the bgl so you can see what I have done.
It is probably a complete fluke but who cares if it works.
I now need to add some atc so will be pestering you all again.

What is the best method to determine the elevation of a lake [ or any where for that matter]

I am very grateful to you all for your kind help and assistance.
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