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ADE new to it

I'm very new to ADE and my goal is to update airports to receive AI traffic. I am interested in smaller airports that have no traffic. I have been reading the ADE manual and working with the program to see what I can do. At this point I have figured out how to create parking spots, runway length, and taxi links. I also added Hold-Short nodes to each end of the runway. When I add AI they appear on the parkiong spaces but after a few seconds they disappear.

ADE165 is the version I am using. Any advice is welcome.
Dan C.

My operating system is a Windows7. FSX Acceleration with the SDK installed.
Dan, have you tried using the fault finder tool? Your problem is common and easily resolvable, I am guessing it is broken taxi links and the fault finder can help.
I did look there but did not understand all that I read. There was a number of parking spots that were orphaned. I will take another look. I will get back to you. Thanks for your help
I went back and looked at the fault finder(what a great tool). It showed me that some of my taxi way points were not connected. I tried several times to connect those points but no matter where I placed them I continued to get the same problem of the points not being connected.
Hi, use the Manual v1.65! Chapter 3.10 "Connecting Links" For connecting you can't pull the taxipoints with the mouse together.
The only way to connect links is using the icon "Add Taxi Link" from the toolbar. If you connect correctly the new connected links changed their color (for a moment) to white.
Thank you so much. This manual is wonderful, it is a huge help. I did have a manual but it was from version1 I think. I had downloaded it a couple of weeks ago when I was researching the ADE program. Thank you again!!!! So far I have been able to create my first parking apron, 2 parking spots and their traffic links. Thank you for the help and thanks to the fine people that created ADE!!!!!
Something to think about is that it may not be your airport. It may be your AI traffic.

I currently use UT II but have also had success with Traffic 360. I’ve used FSX’s traffic but like having a nicer interface.

UT II pretty much takes the “math” out of AI Traffic planning. Then again it is it’s own app that works outside of FSX.

Traffic 360 gives you a fairly good GUI that with some experimenting you can add bunches of AI flights

The thing that always kicks my butt is the minimum time requirement between landing an The next take off…50 min? 10 min?…I always forget.

My point is that if you schedule inside that time limit (i.e. Land at 1300 next take off is 1305) you get some funky AI airplane stuff, to include disappearing airplanes.

To add to this, the time is based on when the aircraft actually lands and it’s scheduled next departure. A “go around” for other traffic can add enough time to break the minimum time limit.

Of course this may not be the problem at all…in which case, never mind.

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Hi again. I have run into another issue. Iv been having wonderful luck. Everything has been working until today. I have been editing the Yucca Airstrip (L23). I placed a couple of parking aprons and a couple of parking spots, taxi ways and a hold short node. I checked my work with the fault finder and it showed no problems. But when I went to the airport and added an AI it showed up but in a few seconds it disappeared. I stared over from scratch and again had the same problem even though the fault finder found no errors.
Hi, Maybe you forget the black runway line?
The fault finder is very fine but some mistakes it doesn't find. For instance missing this runway line on the runway or hold short taxi points the fault finder doesn't show. I found a huge of freeware airports fine and goodlooking but AI-traffic doesn't work. Why? The black runway line was missing. Sometimes I found there a blue one (=taxipath) and I have to cange it to a black one (= Type RUNWAY).
Show us the ADE file and we can it examine.
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I did include the black runway link. I went to a different airport and added the necessary links, Runway , taxi,and a hold short stop link. It worked, so I am wondering what happened at the L23Airport which is a stock airport. Im not sure what is going wrong yet.
I visited L23 Airport and found only a runway without any links or parkings. So you have to install all the necessary things for AI-Traffic! Normally vanish the AI aircrafts when not all the links including the parking link exist.
You should do a attachment of your ADE -file!
I probably left something out. I will post a screenshot, but it may be few days from now since the holidays are upon us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
OK Dan,
I wish you a happy holidays!
In the meantime I installed a very simple airport at L23. By the way in reality it is closed;) But it works fine for me.


  • L23_ADEX_CR.ad4
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I wasn't sure it was closed. I have overcome the issues I was having. I think I got a little over confident and was adding too may things without checking them. I now have a couple of IA flights going out and coming into L23. I'm going to add a few more parking spots , a fuel truck and some buildings. When finished I will post a screen shot. What I am doing is actually trying to bring some life to the airports that surround Area51. When I am don I will have military flights in and out of Area 51 to Tonopa Test Range, Pahute Mesa Airstrip, Desert Rock Airport, and the Yucca Airstrip.