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MSFS Airport Resources

No wonder I had problems at Coal Aston :banghead:

They have it in twice (one with incorrect spelling:

Both are fictitious ICAOs.
Here's a set of spreadsheets (CSV, ODF, XLSX) comparing "source,ident,name,city,laty,lonx,altitude". I sorted it by laty, but can easily be resorted by a spreadsheet program. source is either World or MSFS.

You can quickly query airports and see if they exist in both the sim and the world. Asobo has done a decent job of locating runways, the World data not so much. You may need to use something like Google Earth to actually find the World airport, because the latitude and longitude may be a bit off from the actual location.
Hey Dick, $%^&* fantastic sheet of airport information. I have been digging and digging but unable to find the list of MSF airports...until I found this post...I had been trying to locate all airports/airfields in New Guinea, to do some bush flying...now we have sloped runways..but very tedious expanding all the airport/field dots on the MFS map. It took me a few seconds using your fantastic zip file to locate all the 'AY**' ICAO coded locations. I now need to find those with 3 letter IATA or local names like AG2588.
After the obvious AY**, looks like sorting by laty brings into the search the approx location.

Yep. Sorting helps locate the actual runways. Glad it's helping you.
Thanks for the lists! Very useful indeed.

It looks like the import routine got a bit confused on those codes that look like scientific notation (e.g. 1E2), so here are those with the corrected code:
0E8    Crownpoint
0E0    Moriarty
0E9    Corydon
3E0    Miami-Roberts Co
1E2    Terlingua Ranch
2E2    Sharpe's Strip
2E3    Cluck Ranch
7E3    Mills
1E4    Palo Duro
2E5    Dell City Mun
6E5    Wilder
2E6    Groton Mun
1E7    Buffalo
2E7    McLean-Gray Co
3E7    Pronger Bros Ranch
4E7    Ellendale Muni
1E8    Moores
2E8    Cackleberry
4E8    Richardton
1E9    Maples
5E9    Packer
Hi Dick, many thanks for your efforts. However, I can see EDDI (Berlin Tempelhof) in your list that is decommissioned for years now and in MSFS neither selectable nor visible as airport or POI in its Map. Okay, when flying over Tempelhof you can see the runways being marked as closed. When comparing the data with active airports I'm not able pinpointing the flag making it invisible. After trying to get the same effect with ADE for EDDT (Tegel) that is closed as well, I had to delete rwy-starts, taxiways, parking spots, frequencies, and whatever else. It is shown then in LNM like its former neighbor, but still appears in the MSFS map and causes a CTD when zooming in.

Up to now I didn't find a way hiding Tegel the same way. The more general switches in the "Delete" sections doesn't seem to have any effect.
This has been a while...
Updated airport comparison between World data and MSFS:

I added a column of type from the world data... you can look for closed or heliports or balloonports! Do a search for 'glider' and many names contain glider and many of those are marked as closed.
I like to select the lat and long, copy, and then paste that in Google Earth's search box.
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Added iata codes and Local codes. Updated airport comparison between World data and MSFS:

The csv file is read only (in case you mess up one of the spreadsheets) ;)
Here's a list of modelLib BGLs in the sim (Steam, basic sim plus free updates found in Official).


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