ALSF2 strobes, not showing up

Hi all,

So I'm trying to add ALSF2 lights to a test file and for some reason the approach strobes don't show up. MALSR on the other hand, seems to work just fine with 5 strobes.

I'm not sure why ALSF2 strobes isn't showing up.. any ideas?

Also, REIL strobes don't seem to like payware scenery. Adding those don't seem to work either.



Resource contributor

Have you tried swapping them and putting the ALSF2 strobes where you have the MALSR strobes and visa versa? If the ALSF2 now show up but the MALSR does not then the payware airport is probably using something like ground polygons in that area that cover up the lights. You would need to use something like Don's Airfield Lights Toolbox to create lights on top of the polygons.

Hope this helps,
Hi Tom, indeed I've tried swapping and trying other runways, for some reason ADE does not like ALSF2 strobes since they don't show up anywhere. Also, this test is at a 'clean' test airport with no custom objects or ground, just to be sure.
Thanks for the tip on ALT, I'll check it out.