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I had a night texture problem in a scenery. In ModelConverterX I found one missing texture. I look in the MDL's temp.txt file, I find the occurence of the texture and then the name of the involved part.

I delete the part and generate an other MDL. Not more missing texture in MCX and no occurence of the texture name in temp.txt. But no night texture in FSX (in fact all the parts that have night texture are invisible!).

What more I can check? Do all the MDL parts must have night texture?



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Not all parts need to have a night texture.

Missing polygons is usually a problem with missing textures. Are you sure that all texture (including the night textures) are in the correct texture folder?
For sure Arno it is the first thing I did! The texture file is there.

For some parts, I putted texture only on 1, 2 or 3 faces. The non textured faces appear, not the textured ones.
I recently note that, from a distance, I see the FSX default AI Cherooke, but if I go away, the external texture disappear, I only see some interior texture! Just nearby, I still see the FSX default AI Mooney...
Investigation continues...

I thought that the texture itself was in cause. Then I built a cube and apply the same texture. Look good in FSX. Therefore it seems that the problem is the part, not the texture.
The texture display correctly in other sims, but not in mine. Graphic card problem?
Using directx 10 preview?
Normally if it shows up right in other systems and setups, then its a setting on the local executing machine.
If it is the graphics card, then it would not only do it on this particular part if it worked on the cube. The difference is the polygon and texture angle and size, but they are pretty much equal if you take those 2 parameters out.
Thanks kevintampa5,

I dont use Directx10.

More and more I think it is a problem during the conception of the MDL. I remember that I rename the object or the texture during the development process.

I had the same problem on other project but in a more simple part; I will try to rebuild the problematic part (delete and build a new one). If it works then I will do the same in the present projet.
Ok I dont find the solution but I will remember that changing a part or texture name during process can be problematic.

I am fairly sure I have the answer!

In FSDS you chose a texture and added a tag called N or .N right?

So - Now FSX is looking for the _LM that goes with that texture.

I'll bet a dollar to a doughtnut you didn't make the _LM!!!!!!

You have to do that by yourself!!!

If FSX is looking for the _LM and can't find it - it just gives up... gets cranky... and says- if I can't find .... I ain't gonna do nutting with it. And FSX does not display that textured object at all; whereas in FS9 it just wouldn't show the night texture but show everything else in daytime. FSX won't do that.

So- in FSDS if you tagged a texture with .N like.... oldwood.N then you will need to nake a copy of oldwood somewhere and change the name to oldwood_LM.bmp and put it in your texture folder for that scenery.

Yes I have a _LM.bmp texture. I bring the scenery to other guys and they see the night textures. But not me!
Others see it but not you. Wow! Open FSX and go to scenery library. Move you scenery up or down at least one level. Perhaps up to the top. Then go look again.

I had this happen once. Everyone else could see everything I made just fine. Me? One section of the scenery would not show up for me until I loaded the Placement file manually. Anyway- give it a try. Not sure why this happens sometimes. Won't bet another dollar though. :) Bob
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Thanks Bob but since I am not totally bilingual, what do you mean by "I loaded the Placement file manually"?
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JP_ I shoiuld have explained better. This is what I do-

I use Instant Scenery2. I make an object then compile into an mdl.
I put this mdl into a library that I make or add to a library I have created and save.

Now- I have a library with one or more or many items in it.

I go to my active scenery I am dealing with and place objects.

The objects I place using Instant Scenery2 (IS2) get placed into a file which we call a placement file... or into a file I create. either way we call this a placement file.

So- In my scenery I will have a library bgl file, a library txt file, and a placement file. An object I place from this library goes into a placement file of my choosing and of my making.

(the txt file is created automatically so that the object I made has a name.... not just a guid number or something like...."untitled object".)

To add an object to an existing placement file IS2 will open that file while in FSX. OR..... you can first open it yourself, then go ahead and add objects. It kind of looks like loading a scenery like if you click on 'go to airport', etc.


The big thing here is sometimes FSX doesn't read a bgl or two for some dumb reason. I will notice perhaps something I did is missing. I know it is there but I can't see it. I send it to others and THEY see it fine.

I manually open that placement file I know that the objects are in and bingo I suddenly see the objects. Why is this? I don't know.

To correct this I move the active scenery up or down (i.e. just change its place inthe FSX scenery library) and this corrects this problem.

This has happened to me only once. it was annoying until I found out how to fix it.

Either that fixed things for me or it was all done with smoke and mirrors! hahaha:)

Others use different methods to place objects such as with ADE or other programs. All are very good and work well. And as I have said all have their disadvantages and advantages.

I do not slam o0ther programs because I might be a loyal advocate for this one or that one. They are all fine products. It is a matter of personal choice. Bob
But I see the object, namely I see the normal texture (roof) but not the night textures (walls). Did your solution remains?
No - In my case one full section was missing in the upper left hand coner. Odd, huh!?

So the above might not apply but it can't hurt to try.

Others can see the night texture but you can't. Hmmmm! I will check around and see if I can scare up something. Bob
JPfil- can you send your fsc file and the textures you are using?

I am sure you know how to do this. Just in case- here's how.....

1. open your project in FSDS.
2. go to 'file' in the menu on top - scroll down and choose 'package project'
3. Make usre you save this where you can find it.
4. Hit ok - you then get a message- package project successful.
5. Go to that saved location.
6. select all and zip it up.
7. send that zip here.

I or one of us will grab it from here and take a look. I am sure all of us here are honorable enough not to use your project without your expressed consent. Bob
checking now. thanx for the files.

On your side.... look to see if you have these textures anywhere else on your system. Some say if you have two of the same they can cancel each other out. I have never had this problem but I've heard you can have two of the same texture but not 3 or more.

if you do try renaming the copies and see. I'm still checking what you sent. Bob