FSX An other texture problem

Just made and installed this from the fsc project. night shot - this is what I see. is this ok?

Next I'll install your main scenery and check it out also.


Yes, thats what others see.

And look what I see! In fact I dont see the roofs, but the back sides of the roofs (where there is no texture)!


I will continue to work on this. This may be something within your own system.

I have your building you sent in a library of my own and into another active scenery. I also have your scenery installed.

So- I do have your textures in two places and still no problem as yet. I will try a third spot and see.

What you are seeing is identical to the original suggestion......

You tagged the bmp as N. so FSX looks for the _LM There is none so FSX ignores everything which is N at night. This is why you see no walls, etc.

HOWEVER..... others see everything fine. so- you do have the _LM. I see it in the texture folder. The problem is that YOUR system does not recognize the existance of the _LM!!!! This is odd! :confused:


While making this building, is there any part say.... roof parts or the like that you did any rotation on?

If so- remember that ANYTIME you rotate something is is always wise to do this....
2. click on 'center axis to part'
3. click on 'reset axis rotation' (NOT PART ROTATION)

it looks like all is well concerning this but I'm just trying different things right now.

BTW- Extremely nice building, also airport is well done. Ever done photoreal?

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I tagged my night texture "_LM". FSDS that add ",N" when I clicked "Night" check box.

Yes I did rotations of similar parts. I always rotate "Vertices", not "Entire part" to kept axes unchanged.

Thanks very much for the time allowed to my problem!

Thanks also for the scenery comment. It is one of my first photoreal scenery, with photos of an aviation photographer, Jean-Pierre Bonin. But it is general photos, not taken specially for a scenery. However my CSE3 scenery was made with photos that I took only for the scenery.

Good. I was just checking. Looking at it in fsds it seems very good.

I see everything, but I noticed I see the beacon on top rotating and at night i see the light beams each side. They are a bit dim but good.

However, When I made you building in fsds with textures and all, and placed it in a test scenery of my own I see everything BUT not the light! Beacon is rotating but i am not getting the attachpoint for the light.

This is not your fault. come to think of it I think I have to have that attachpoint installed in order to make it work.

I see that the attachpoint points to fx_landing.fx which I have, and the texture for that fx I do have. That is why I see it in your scenery you sent, but can't figure out why I don't see it in mine.

Oh well, we'll figure it out.

Once we do I will erase my test stuff. If this scenery of yours is payware I will erase it as well. If it is freeware I would like permission to keep a few of your textures, but only on your approval.

Once I was doing some military base and was impressed with an object called 'mole hole'. This is a huge, grassy mound where pilots on duty sleep for a certain number of days. If an alert is called they come running out to their planes which are always at the ready and right there.
The problem was this mole hole was in a payware package a friend and I had bought. We wanted to use that mole hole. So I wrote to the guys who built this and asked for permission to use it. They wrote back and granted permission but just the mole hole and nothing else, and thanked us for asking.

I was asking about photoreal for the surrounding area like we build in SBX. Also, see the rectangle of grass around the rwy etc? Not sure if you want to keep that or not. Usually I get rid of it. Personal choice. I think it looks better without. That rectangle grass is related to 'airport boundary' if you know how to dump it.

I've been having fun making some 1930's British cars like the MG TC and such. Tough part is finding a strait-on front shot of the grill. Everyone always wants to take pictures at an angle. I can straighten it out in PSP to some extent but not well enough. Anyway if you ever want to try a few of these out I'll send them along. I made a Pipistraul Sinus, Yak 18 also just for fun. I'm not the best at it, but they don't look half bad for statics. Now- flyable planes? No way! Making a flyable takes tons of work, and I don't don't the half of it. I leave that to the masters! hahaha.

Anyway, we'll keep looking for the answer. Bob
For the beacon lights it is normal you dont see them in your MDL because you dont have my Paramater.txt file (or something like that) called by FSDS when building the MDL.

All my sceneries are free, like those listed in www.quebecfsx.org. You can also keep my textures (and simply put mention if using them).

For the airport boundary, it is the affair of the co-author Pierre Gallant. He have all latitude for the airport management (runways, taxi etc.).

I made vehicules just when I dont find what I want in FSX or to have my own Impreza in a scenery! My co-author made a very nice Posche 911 in is CSZ3 scenery.

For planes or choppers, it's become more and more easy with the pratice. In www.quewbecfsx.org many sceneries has some. MDL are in this page : http://okad.ca/quebecfsx/modeles.php. I also make boats of all kind!
Very nice! I made a coast Guard Cutter a while ago. Tough work but fun. That Porsche would be nice I bet.

I am seeing the beacon light in your scenery but not mine. I think it is because I don't have the partName and partDef. So when I go to make the bldg attachpoint rotatif_fx won't be included because I don't have those. If I did I am sure it would work. But in your original scenery it does work.

Still working on this. Bob

Something worth a try......

Somewhere on your computer you have this building duplicated.... which is ok BUT it might have the same GUID number!

If this turns out to be true.... change the GUID number on one of them and see if this helps. Bob
If I remember, in my FSX I uncheck all others third party sceneries but the problematic one. Is it equivalent to check duplication?
That's a good procedure. check to see if you have any objects that might be different objects but same guid number. They might cancel each other outespecially if they are using the same textures.

Other than that I'd go to FSX scenery library and uncheck (disable) all sceneries like you said except the one in question. If the problem goes away then we're on to something!
Next add 3 or f sceneries at a time back in. and look at the problem object each time. um so veiter. Bob
Two years later...

I encountered the same problem for one building of a new project. _LM file is present in texture folder. Night texture appears both in FSDS and ModelConverterX but not in FSX.

My building have animated flags with night texture also. I removed the animated flags and... night textures appeared!

I remember that the original problem (december 2012) occured for a buiding with an animated beacon on the top... So did the animation dont likes night textures?
Are any of these LOD'd? If done in FSDS there has to be a lsight animation to it for LOD to apper. We have a friend with a similar problem (might have nothing to do with this, but who knows) where his fuel tanks do not show. He has 3 texture sheets. After some study I notice it os one texture sheet that does not show unless he loads Instant S
cenery placement file (object file) and it then appears. Before anyoe again goes off blaming IS.... I took his fuel tanks and textures an dplace them with ADE. Same result.... no show.
How about leaving those flag textures out and do the flags and textures separately. Let me know. Should have my e-mail by now or at least my Skype invite. Bob
That what I did, making flags MDL separatly. That works.

With the "normal" MDL, my test guy(s) said that all is fine by night. Same thing with the original 2012 problem : everyone saw all but me... IS...? Library maker...?