Anyone using Advanced Installer?


Resource contributor
I have been a long time user of Clickteam's Install Creator. With a combination of it and some custom batch scripts that I have wrote, I have created a pretty efficient installation system.

However, I'm now looking for an installer with better configuration options. I decided to download Advanced Installer as it fulfills this need and it also allows for me to provide an updater system for my addons. (I know it's already used by A2A Simulations)

I have been playing around with it off and on, but am running into a bit of an issue. In IC, I can set up the installer so that the user can choose the simulator that they use. For each simulator version, I can then tell it to use multiple files directories for its sources (Usually, one for all shared files and one for native BGLs for that sim version only.) Each simulator version option will then fetch the appropriate install location from the registry.

Has anyone been able to set up something like this with Advanced Installer? I know that I could just build separate installers for each sim version, but I really like the idea of having it set up as an all-in one.