FSXA Anyone using Blender 2.8?

Hi All and Happy New Year (sorry to be late!)
Have any of you got going with Blender 2.8? I ask for 2 reasons:
1. I'm reasonably happy with 2.79
2. I'm not sure whether the FSX module I use in 2.79 has been transferred to 2,8
I've read several positive reviews - better user interface, etc - but as I use Blender specifically for FSX modelling, I'd like to know whether the learning curve (i.e. enhanced frustration!) is worth it!
Thanks for any advice...
Cheers - Dai. :cool:


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Hello,... and Happy New Year!

I guess the best way to answer this is to start with question #2:

The module or Plugin ["Blender2FSXP3D (v0.9.4)-(ii)", I'm assuming that is what you are referring to] hasn't been converted as of yet to Blender v2.80. Therefore, I would stay with v2.79b (the latest version that the plugin works with). Since you are happy with the plugin and with Blender v2.79b, there isn't any reason to change (as of yet :) ).

Blender v2.80 hasn't been technically released yet (still in beta), along with the Python Documentation as well... that is why the Plugin hasn't been updated yet.
Doug - apologies for tardy reply but thanks very much. Strangely, I like 2.79! It may be cumbersome, but I can use the basic functions and make simple models, so that's fine for me.

When the new version of Blender2FSXP3D comes out, I'll have a more detailed look at 2.8

Good luck!

Cheers - Dai. :cool:


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Ive started migrating across to 2.8 this week - The decision to not used Blender2FSXP3D (v0.9.4) was made immediately . As 2.8 is still in beta I thought that anything added which is NOT custom to that platform may just have effects that will cause more issue than it solves. This is especially so now with EVEE in there. I think going back to the old export dae and then to MCX is the safer route and may also safeguard any lengthy hard work youve put in.

There are positives already in 2.8 especially the texturing and less screen based menus that can be intimidating. I think Doug has point - you could make a test using Blender2FSXP3D (v0.9.4 ) if your not have just drop drop 2.8 - as your probably aware you can have both version 79 and 80 on the same drive and call them independently
Thanks for that 'gfx' (sorry, don't know your name!) - I guess I'll install 2.8 and try it out but, as you suggest, leave main work for 2.79 as it meets my current needs.
Cheers - Dai. :cool:


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This is the interface on 2.8 - image one is the texture paint view and image two the new shader view of the Terminal 3 Side Carpark Im working on for Heathrow. Note the carpark decks - the ease of applying multiple textures/materials to the is much better as your using the nodes and that speeds it up


O.K. Gareth - you've convinced me - I'll try 2.8 out, even if I can't use Blender2FSXP3D yet.

And thanks for the link to BlenderGuru's video - great stuff...

Cheers - Dai. :cool:


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That was expected considering the big change in v2.80.

Besides, as to all beta versions are not to be used with or in conjunction with production versions anyways. Even the blender site states this.


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In the main software platforms are Not upscaleable for saved files - you can, if required export them off as a file type that prior versions can read but of course you will lose some functionality -

I've used it for a for models now - its pretty good , however, Im still a novice so my opinion is low on the scale