Attach Effect what i do wrong?


Please i need help

I would like to attach red light, and white light, to some objects
i am trying in the first one, but not seems work

is for FS2004
first time i try with an spotlight (but i think, spotlight are for P3D4 right?)

after i try using, some effects, and light, but i have also the same result
i see the effect on MCX, but on FS91, i not see the light?

What i did wrong?

I attach, the pictures

thanks in advance




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The easiest way is to use a light. Spot light is from P3D v4 indeed. You can then specify the color and location of the light. On export MCX will create an effect file for you, which you then have to copy to your effects folder of FS2004.
thanks i will check
but one of my tests was like that
and i still not see the light on fs91

i must compile as fs2004 scenery. mdl right?

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And you also made a new BGL with the MDL file you exported? The steps you do look OK.

I don't have FS2004 installed myself anymore, so I can't test it here.


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Keep in mind that an exclude file that excludes effects, even in the same folder that contains your new object's BGL file, can cause effects to not display.
Thanks to try to help me Tom, Arno,

well, i tested (i putted in another part (outside the airport), the same model, but still not show any light...
very strange...

i will test on P3D4 to see if it see the light with another model, after
but is strange...
OK, i just compile it for P3D4 and copy the fx, to effects on P3D4
, and insert it in the middle of the grass of one of my airports for P3D4, to see what happens

and i can see two red lights, without problems
so, i think is a problem with FS91, very strange

here the pictures on P3D4 of the same model