FSXA attached Object editor issues

http://1drv.ms/1MrST9p ModelConverterX wonderful tool, but my brain and a couple issues has me wondering if I got off at the wrong planet this week.

First after working great at converting direct x to fsx bgl all day i try to add a effect to a wall. I gave up because the pool of water never did get to the base of the model. it stayed in orbit or 2 counties over floating in the air. And no matter what I did with the wall you could fly right through it. Yet the other models would cause you to crash if you hit them.

SO i went to my last item image above..
ModelConverterX forgot how to import images or I worked it to hard. I tried dds and ddsbmp and they work great on the earlier directx models. Yea i read the manual many times and forum after forum, but no answers.
Please how do you set orientation and position in attached object editor.

Here is the direct x model and temp images i have been using. I think I included the 512 and maybe 1024 and left out the 4096

I FIGURED IT OUT! All Fixed Check out the image.. I was intending to see if the lads at http://www.fsracer.com/fsx-development/ could use a little more help in something.. That looks to be a killer mission and I read they were looking for tunnels and waterfalls So I made some.

Many thanks sire.
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Good to hear you got it solved.