Authentic Bell 47 Soundpack!


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As a scenery developer, this project is a major change (and learning experience) from what I'm use to. In late 2014, my dad came into possession of a Bell 47-d1, (like the M*A*S*H helicopter) which we use to run tours out of our watersports business in Navarre, FL. Last year, it had occurred to me that anyone had yet to make an authentic soundset for Flysimware's Bell 47 helicopter. Having access to the aircraft on almost a daily basis, I decided to take this dilemma into my own hands and learn the basics of soundpack creation. Over a year, I toyed around with different sound packs, dissected them, read documents, and learned what made everything click. Earlier this week, I finally felt confident enough to rework the sound.cfg I had already started for this project. I have ran into many bumps, sure, but so far I am quite pleased with what I have created. (Even though it still has a ways to go before release) I will be going out to record some more external sounds next weekend, but for now, here is a wip video of the soundpack accompanied by some footage of N3575:

Notice: This is a WIP, and by no means the finished product.



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Nice! Do you have a R44 soundpack? :scratchch:scratchch
I do not. This is really the first official sound pack I will be releasing. It's funny you ask that, though. Before we got the bell, we were running an R44 out of the pad and I actually thought about doing a soundpack. Unfortunately, all I had at the time was a GoPro, which does nothing to block wind noise. There is the possibility that the R44 may be coming back a few times this summer though, so I'll keep your idea on the table if the Bell sound pack goes over well. :)


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Due to unforeseen complications on the day I had set up to record the remaining sounds for this project, I am now a week behind. I am however happy to say, this past Saturday, (exactly a week later) I was able to get my hands on a Bell 47 G-2 and finished recording the needed sounds. I'll try to throw another short video up before release. Due to the amount of personal funds I have had to throw into this project over the last week, I am now leaning more towards a payware release. If so, pricing will be complimentary to that of most soundpacks on the market. Hopefully this won't come as a major discouragement to those interested, but in this case free would actually not be free on my part.

Thanks to all who have been interested in this project so far. I will deliver this much awaited soundpack to the flightsim community. In fact, I'm hoping by sometime in this upcoming month.

Chris Britton
Emerald Scenery Design