1. antaris

    FS2004 Bell 407 V2.0

    Hello lads I have been working with the open source Bell 407 designed by Alan Devins and Rory Kelly (R.I.P.). Hopefully she will see the light in a few months. Mostly, I've spent most of the time improving the base mesh and slowly adding more details. So far, I think I did a decent job on new...
  2. I

    P3D v3 Modelling a helicopter's engine (several questions)

    A turbine-powered helicopter is in question. I would like to simulate slow acceleration of the engine and its power deficit at high collective. The behavior of the sim helicopters is weird in this regard as I was able to get into a situation when the gas generator RPM reached 100% and did not...
  3. christopherbritton

    Authentic Bell 47 Soundpack!

    As a scenery developer, this project is a major change (and learning experience) from what I'm use to. In late 2014, my dad came into possession of a Bell 47-d1, (like the M*A*S*H helicopter) which we use to run tours out of our watersports business in Navarre, FL. Last year, it had occurred to...
  4. Tisor

    [FSX/P3D] Community cooperation team for an university project (Educational, not paid)

    Hi all, today I'm here to ask for help for something different. Hope someone would be interested on creating this community project which will help me on my university degree. In the next few lines I'll try to explain the best I can what I'm opting for and let see if you will like to get in it...
  5. Julian Hdz J

    FSXA FSXA & P3Dv3 First development AH60BattleHawk

    Hello, Not long ago More than One year I am Developing my firstly aircraft for FSX / P3D, it is an AH60 "BattleHawk" and although I have the model 3D almost ready (80 %), I have not Managed to Export it correctly to the Simulator ¿might anybody to advise me to Be able to Export with Success the...
  6. Webapache

    P3D v3 Christoph X - EC135 T2 + Scenery

    ... today i would like to show you a small screenshot of my actual project called: "Christoph X" "Christoph 14" is based at "Traunstein - Germany" (More hospitals will follow) at the rooftop of the hospital on a ladingarea. The software will include the hole scenery of the hospital and the...