P3D v3 Christoph X - EC135 T2 + Scenery

... today i would like to show you a small screenshot of my actual project called:

"Christoph X"
"Christoph 14" is based at "Traunstein - Germany" (More hospitals will follow) at the rooftop of the hospital on a ladingarea. The software will include the hole scenery of the hospital and the near area of Traunstein. Also included a brand new "Eurocopter EC135 T2" at "BMI" colors and "on top" of the original high landingskid. The helicopter is a working part of the software. As soon as the helicopter is "good for a screenshot", I will take a new picture to this side. (Updated 30.01.2016)

The scenery and the buildings are based on 2048px x 2048px textures. Day- and Night.
Opening hangadoors, custom windsock and many more thinks will be with the software.

The helicopter will be tested by a real EC135 T2 Rescue Pilot... so stay tuned :)

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Wow, great...

Christoph 14 is the rescue helicopter in the area where I am living... :)

Are you going to make a VC?


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Missions are a good method to show off the capabilities of the aircraft and your sceneries*. You could do your standard fair weather mission with a landing spot on a wide open field and make the tasks ever more challenging, culminating in a bad weather pickup with a challenging landing and a systems failure.

*Lots of sceneries of various types of accidents scattered around the region
First impressions from the interior design of the hangar for "Christoph 14" at Traunstein.
The windows are made of a volumetric glass in which reflects the environment around the buildings. Both the hangardoors and the helipad is movable. The windsock is rotating to the direction of the wind, and represets the ICAO standard angles for the windspeed. Hangarlights and arealights can be switched On & Off from the cockpit.

... to be continued :)