FSXA FSXA & P3Dv3 First development AH60BattleHawk

Hello, Not long ago More than One year I am Developing my firstly aircraft for FSX / P3D, it is an AH60 "BattleHawk"
and although I have the model 3D almost ready (80 %), I have not Managed to Export it correctly to the Simulator ¿might anybody to advise me to Be able to Export with Success the finished model? Thanks

Hola, Hace Poco Más de Un año estoy Desarrollando mi primer aeronave para FSX / P3D, es un AH60 "BattleHawk"
Conocido en Colombia Como "Arpía III y IV" y aunque tengo el modelo 3D casi listo (80%), no he Logrado Exportar correctamente al simulador, ¿podria alguien asesorarme pára Poder Exportar con Éxito el modelo completo? Gracias


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Hola Julian, hablas ingles? Porque es el idioma que hay que usar en este foro, asi todos te pueden entender.

Hi Julian, do you speak english? Because this is the language you must use in this forum so everyone can understand what you are saying.

[Quote = "taguilo, mensaje: 740.421, miembro de: 1802"] Hola Julian, hablas ingles? Porque es el idioma Que Hay Que USAR En Este foro, asi Todos te pueden entendre.

Hola Julian, habla usted Inglés? Debido a que este es el idioma que debe utilizar en este foro para que todos puedan entender lo que está diciendo.

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hi taguilo, thanks for the accuracy.
Hi, I have been working with Julian pretty much since the beginning.

The problem that he has is that apparently there is a maximum number of polygons that the compiler could handle, I do remember that FS9 has something similar but that was more for limitations of the graphic cards and FPS. As I have been out of the FS' world since several years ago and FSDS is not longer an option I couldn't help him. That is why he is asking for help. Some kind of tutorial for dummies about how to make the *.mdl since 3d max.

Thank you very much.

Best regards

Eduardo Fadul
Forgive the delay, for study I had to suspend the development; here estan a few images of the example of the problem when my model exports to .mdl

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Select a large single object that is currently not being displayed in FSX, apply a Standard Material single color, verify scaling and Export Selected.
Post results with your build log. We'll go from there.
Hello Julian

As a rule of tumb, make sure your scene has the right set of dimensions. If you are working and/or merging scenes, you must be sure that your dimensions are absolutly the same in each scene you are working on. In the past, I had the same problem and I solved with this simple verification.

On the other hand, another rule of tumb is to make sure you don't have polygons flipped, wrong part names and part pivots wrong aligned. Also, It's mandatory to reset the Xform before you map and after that, animate objects. Following those rules, will save you a lot of head aches.

I hope this helps.