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[FSX/P3D] Community cooperation team for an university project (Educational, not paid)

Hi all, today I'm here to ask for help for something different. Hope someone would be interested on creating this community project which will help me on my university degree. In the next few lines I'll try to explain the best I can what I'm opting for and let see if you will like to get in it! ;)

Background of the project

So first, I'll explain what's this for. I'm studying Computer Science here in Spain. I'm on the 4th year of 5 in total (as I'm coursing a double degree). I've a subject called something like "Software Engineering". In this subject, we learn about the life of software and about the project development process (planifications, teamwork, technics, testings...)
So, for the subject evaluation, we need to do a work about a project. The teacher nows me for my "love" for aviation and simulation. (He caught me one day on class developing something on Gmax for some project and making some repaints on Photoshop :banghead:). He also like this (not at the level we all are here I think, and he challenge me to make a project my self on developing a new scenery you will see later, as he have seen it lot of times and would like to see how the community can create this.

So, my orientation for the project is as follows:
Create a community team for a community project in which we all can give the best of our skills to create a nice scenery with the best of all of us. No matter if you have huge experience or you are starting. The goal is to learn from each other to get everyone more experienced.

Will we are doing this, I'll be creating my task for the university, like a report of how the work is being organized and how the team is working on it (university stuff, you know)

That's the main focus, now I'll be giving more details... if you still in for that keep reading. If not, thanks for reading till here.

About me

I've been on simulation community since I was 13 (now I'm 23). I've been developing sceneries for my own use for years now, which I've not made public because lack of quality. Also I have a public scenery developed with some friends (Torrejón AB) and cooperate on some recent payware projects I cannot mention.

Sadly, my 3D modelling skills are not the best and I'm very limited on that. I have knowledgements about technics but cannot apply some of them because of this lack of skills. So, my main focus when developing sceneries is texturing and the ground polys. Also have some work with SODE in the recent months on that payware projects I mention.

In this project, apart from being project lead, I'll be working of course. Is not a passive thing when you will work and I will be hiting you with a whip... I will work as one of you.

The project itself. What would we be developing?

So the project is something I really liked and I think can give a lot of testing areas to develop some of the huge amount of technics we can found here around on the community. The project is divided in 3 parts, on "priority" order:

Part 1 - Helipad located at National Paraplegics Hospital at Toledo, Spain

This hospital is a reference on Spain for the treatment of people affected on high trauma. This heliport is capable for night flying operations and currently it serves as base for a EC135.

Some pics of the heliport itself:



Google Maps location: https://goo.gl/maps/adeaMTbQ9An
Real project: http://www.alben4000.com/en/referencias/helipuertos/helis-sescam-hnp

The goal is to develop both the heliport and the surrounding landmarks to give a realistic feel of the scenery. This would include the bridge and sport center you can see on first pic, the hospital next to the heliport, some of Toledo's city main landmarks... we have a lot to try and learn.

Part 2 - SESCAM helipads around Toledo province

SESCAM is the name for the healths services here in Castilla La Mancha. It manage hospitals, ambulances, and so on. SESCAM have the biggest medical evacuation heliport network in Spain, and maybe I can say one of the biggest in Europe. All of them follow the same standard, so developing one of the will be a copy-paste for the rest.
This heliports are equipped with night lighting which could be activated by the pilot using a nav frequency (If I don't remember bad, but that's how I think we could do it on the sim)

Some picture of one them I found on internet. I have access to a real one for more accurate details here in my town:



Video of one of them:

All are randomly picked and as you can see are allmost the same design. No need for perfection here. Main handycap here will be the night illumination and the windshock. (Both also present on Part 1)

Part 3 (Optional, outside university. Only if the group prosper and want to keep working together) - Rest of SESCAM network

So lets say we start working together and we make a nice group here, and we want to go bigger. Then we can develop all the SESCAM network in full Castilla La Mancha. This include 3 more main bases for the helicopters and more than 300 helipads around the region. For the lovers of helicopters and specially medical emergencies, this would be a great enjoyment. For us developing (and also flying of course) could be a bigger challenge.

Key features we could apply and main goals

  • Small groundpoly surfaces where we could aim for high details
  • Generation of low-poly enviroment surroundings based on texturing techniques to give realism
  • Vegetation autogen or scenery-based for around heliport
  • Animations for custom windshocks
  • Night lighting. In small helipads controlled by nav-frequency for on/off. Or maybe with SODE?
  • A big city to recreate (if someone wish) to practice.


So well, you are allmost reaching the end of the post... if you keep reading here, is maybe because you still interested? That's nice.

For the project, I have thing on a communication based on 5 pilars:
  • For joining the project, this forum post.
  • For chat communication, Telegram group (safe and no need to give telephone number)
  • For voice communication, Skype
  • For project coordination, Trello
  • For project files, Github, with a public repository so everyone could use it as a learning source or maybe contribute with their own stuff

Final words

So well, above is all I can give for this. I have illusion on this project and I have until first of May to get a team to work with (If we could start before, would be awesome).

As said in the title, this is a educational project. I can't offer payment for this and I want be receiving any paid reward. I'll be learning both on scenery developing and on software engineering stuff. You may be doing the same if you join.

About the time dedication, I also have studies, job, family, girlfriend and so on... everyone could give best he have to contribute here, but with some compromise. If you start something try to finish it or give it to another one who would like to do it.

So that's all... Would you like to join this community project offering your help in your best skills? And also on your worst, of course ;)

If you like to, post here with your interest and your skills and you will be in. I'll be proud if someone like my post and my project and want to help me on this.
If not, will try to find a different project :(

Best regards and thanks in advance for everyone interested.
I will help you. Cuenta conmigo, on one condition: Find a way to get me to your project presentation. ;)
I will help you. Cuenta conmigo, on one condition: Find a way to get me to your project presentation. ;)
Hi! Nice to have some help. Sadly this condition cannot be given. There is not project presentation. Is just a document I have to send to the teacher. Would be glad to share it with you if thats ok for you :)

What's your experience??

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