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  1. L

    MSFS Airbus A340-600 for MSFS (freeware > no pay) Modelling, Coding, Information (Very early Stage)

    Hey everyone, Recently i started 3D-modeling an a340-600 for fun and spent some time on it since then because it's quite fun to do. I have limited experience so i got some problems now. Firstly the landing gear, because it's an airliner it's not that easy, but i would like it to look really...
  2. Samuel Saskyiv Sampa

    FS2004 Textron Citation M2

    Hello everyone :), well, one day I decided to simply create an aircraft, and quickly and to the point, I suggested to myself that it would be a Citation M2, light and small aircraft, and also general aviation, an area that I really like. With the help of Hiroshi Igami I managed to finish the...
  3. Samuel Saskyiv Sampa

    FS2004 Textron Citation M2 - AI

    I'm developing a C25M for AI, I find some problems with animations not working, it's my mistake but anyone who wants to help in this project I'm grateful. There are several things for me to correct, it's my first aircraft and I started it not too long ago. The animation of the landing gear is...
  4. Bavarello

    MSFS ETM10 Enhanced Terrain Mesh 10m for Mauritania - Eye of Sahara vol.01

    This is an Enhanced Terrain Mesh derived from Sentinel-1A mission of the European Radar Observatory for the Copernicus joint initiative of the European Commission (EC) and the European Space Agency (ESA), 1/3 arc sec (10 meters). Mainly the area covered by this terrain mesh is related to the...
  5. WildLynxPilot

    Published: Helsinki Malmi Airport (EFHF) version 2.0

    My latest production, the Helsinki Malmi Airport EFHF version 2.0 was published on Friday. The EFHF airport is currently temporarily closed and its future looks very, very uncertain. The city of Helsinki is planning to destroy this historically important and unique airport completely by building...
  6. Jaxcksn


    No longer available.
  7. Bavarello

    ETM9 Enhanced Terrain Mesh 9m for Azores Archipelago - San Miguel Island

    This terrain mesh is made possible by data from the Sentinel-1 mission of the European Radar Observatory for the Copernicus Joint Initiative of the European Commission (EC) and the European Space Agency (ESA). Copernicus is a European initiative for the implementation of information services on...
  8. Mosesjunior

    P3D v4 A32X P3D

    Hello FSDeveloper world. I have been working on a A32X fleet (319, 320, 321, 321LR NEO) and now I’m making more progress. Due to the quality of the model, looking at teams like FlyByWire for MSFS2020 i was wondering if there’s any individuals around that can bring a system to a good, enjoyable...
  9. hoynedawg

    MSFS [Released] NZRA - Raglan, New Zealand | NZA Simulations

    NZA Simulations have been working away in the background on NZRA Raglan - Freeware due out next week! Like many developers, we have been delayed by issues introduced in MFS SU5. Here are the screenshots for the media release. https://nzasimulations.com
  10. T

    MSFS Freeware Diamond HK36TC for MSFS

    29.01: Started working with a simple flightmodel today.
  11. S

    Release | Srinivasman Washington DC Landmarks Pack

  12. S

    MSFS Srinivasman Freeware Washington DC for MSFS2020. Out next Friday.

    Its good. Trust me.
  13. gsnde

    Free SODE Jetways

    I am working on an airport in Northern Germany. When I activate OrbX Germany North, all jetways disappear. Holger Sandmann told me, that this is due to the OrbX exclude and a long time unresolved P3D bug. Since I am already using SODE at the airport I was thinking about replacing the default...
  14. sniperfull

    [RELEASED] KsimSaver free FSX / P3D auto-saving tool!

    KsimSaver is a free FSX / P3D auto-saving tool just like FSUIPC! but for free! KsimSaver is still in beta, but available for download! the program is actively being updated! here is a link KsimSaver: https://ksimulations.com/KsimSaver
  15. Jason z

    Cleveland Hopkins International Scenery

    Can anyone give constructive criticism about this package? https://clefsdevelopment.weebly.com/kcle.html Note: -So far I do not have time/enough knowledge to make custom ground polys -Working on creating better day textures for terminal and hangars
  16. Alex753

    P3D v4 A319 Air Côte d’Ivoire Texture

    Hi ! Just a simple texture for all the freewares Airbus A319 who have all the same 3D model so this texture is working for all ! That’s the all new coming from Toulouse A319 TU-TSA for the Ivorian international compagny : That’s Avalaible right there ...
  17. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 PBR Update Muelheim Ruhr X - Released!

    Hello. The update for P3Dv4 for Muelheim Ruhr X is ready. You can download the scenery now. The scenery is freeware. Muelheim Ruhr X is a complex and detailed 3-D city model and the airport EDLE Essen / Muelheim, which has also been implemented highly detailed. New features for P3DV4.x -...
  18. JohanP

    P3D v4 EBAW Antwerp International Airport

    After two years of working on this. Having taken well over 10.000 pictures at the airport I've finally published Phase 1 of my scenery project. This first phase fucusses on the airport itself, lacks night textures or seasonal textures. It's the airport of Antwerp, in Belgium. Home to the...
  19. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 PBR Update EDGT Bottenhorn (P3Dv5)

    Hello dear FS-Developers! Would like to tell you on this way gladly, that the airfield EDGT Bottenhorn, located in Hessen/Germany, is in the beginning. The freeware project is already well advanced, so that it will be coming soon to a release. Therefore, I would like to present this project...
  20. S

    How To Upload Files in Flyaway Simulation website?

    I want to upload a freeware scenery in flyaway simulation website. But I cannot find an upload option in the entire website. I asked the support but they didn't answer. Please need help. Thank you.