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P3D v5 Blender2P3D/FSX for Blender 3.x


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At least I hope so.

DISCLAIMER: I only have FSX SP2, so there might be some thing(s) that I've missed. Also, I'm a Python noob.

I've been using this toolset since 3.1 without any problems. I'm making a VC with 3D steam gauges. The little work that I've done on that lately is all the testing it has had.

It would be nice if someone with the latest P3D version will give this a try.

The changes I made to the toolset are to version 0.98.34. I got it from the link in this reply.

I did a quick test with Blender 3.3 LTS. I animated a needle on the default cube for an airspeed gauge and it works in FSX like it should.

If you are going to try this, I highly recommend that you make some new, simple thing that won't take much time, but uses a similar workflow to an object that you might actually make. That way you won't have wasted too much time if there is a problem caused by something I've missed. Because, I might not be able to fix it.

If you get any Python errors, please get them from the Blender System Console. One way to open the console is Window->Toggle System Console. The Python error will be at the bottom.

Just highlight with the mouse the error that starts with "Python: Traceback (most recent call last):" and probably ends with "location: <unknown location>:-1" then Ctrl C to copy it. Anything before that isn't needed. Either put the traceback error in this thread using code tags, or paste it into a .txt file and PM it to me.

Good luck to anybody brave enough to try this!


  • Blender2P3DFSX 0.98.38.zip
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Thanks for your stuff.
Il will try as soon as possible ... if I got time :cool:

I was able to save/ export a simple object for P3D v4.5 and v5+. It wasn't animated or with any attached points as of yet, but I can say that the "Export only current selection" boolean box checked worked as expected (wasn't working consistently in v2.93.10). Will do more testing later today!! So far - very Good!!

Thanks, Dave!!! You are not so much a noob (semi-noob, maybe 😁 ) at Python as you thought!!

To Everyone else: there is a zip version of v3.3 - you just need to change it here:

2022-09-08 09_13_33-Download — blender.org.png
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The new release of the Toolset (v1.0.2) is available in the Resource section or Here.

EDIT: Resource section and mirror site for Current Toolset! v1.0.19.
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The toolset has had a minor update to version 1.0.3. It is in the Resources forum.

The update makes the export of P3Dv5 and up clearcoat textures compatible with the MCX Material Editor.

Thank-you for your work on this.
I believe there is a breaking change in blender 3.3 where Shader nodes ShaderNodeSeparateRGB are change to ShaderNodeSeparateColor and the outputs are changed from R,G,B to Red, Green, Blue.
If people want to use this in Blender 3.4 plus another breaking change is shader node ShaderNodeMixRGB has changes to ShaderNodeMix. AND the outputs and inputs are changed completly. Also using inputs['R'] type of coding seems to not work and should be changed back to inputs[0]. At least for the Mix node changes as you see they are now inputs['A'], but that is no longer unique with changing the Mix node type to. you now have inputs[2] and outputs[7]

Since 3.4 is gone and 3.5.x will be replaced with 3.6 LTS next week. If people want to use this exporter for upcoming P3D projects changes are needed.

Do you have a git site? Maybe I can provide you with a PR.

Blender 3.1

Blender 3.6

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As an update something like

        import bpy
        # create the metallic/smoothness/occlusion texture and operation
        if(bpy.app.version < (3, 3, 0)):
            rgb_separate_node = CreateNewNode(Material, 'ShaderNodeSeparateRGB', "separate R", location=(-850, 0))
            rgb_separate_node = CreateNewNode(Material, 'ShaderNodeSeparate', "separate R", location=(-850, 0))