P3D v4 Boolean possible with planes?


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Just thinking about some experiences with groundpolygons and would like to ask if it is possible to use two planes for a boolean cut. Idea: Using the taxiway/road poly to make a boolean cut into a grasspoly layer. After this, I could raise the top of the cut grasslayer a little to make a 3D-object out of it (for example for snow...) that makes the airfield look more real. Or is there some other solution like that? Just a thought....
With GMAX I use 'shapemerge' for that sort of thing, just create your shape -- such as a rectangle, etc, or simply draw your own. 'Merge' will add your shape geometry, and 'cookie cutter' will cut a hole.
Be aware that you can get some overly complex results unless you are careful.


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I’d suggest making sure both shape and ground poly are Editable Poly before you do. In normal boolean operations this reduces the number of extra vertices generated.
Good advice, Tom, thank you. Yes, I create all my polys like that. Some months ago, I did some planes as mesh and had some issues indeed while converting.
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I found that boolean does not work as expected especially 2D objects like ground poly. So, I select the border and click on create shape (do not select smooth) then you get editable spline and do the boolean from that. After you are done, turn it back to editable poly. You need to make sure that all the vertices of the spline are at the same level in height to make boolean spline works.
Please take a look at my tutorial in Wiki "Ground poly for the year 2014+"
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