FSX:SE Can anyone explain this??

Per the attached two pics, I am back dabbling in GMAX.....the GMAX pic looks OK, but the screen grab from FSX-XE looks like the textures shifted to the left. Any of the GMAX experts have any idea what I might be doing wrong?? Help is appreciated.
Fred Z
I've seen that before. If it's the same issue I had, it's to do with the format of the textures used in Gmax. They appear slightly offset in Gmax so when you line it up in there it shifts when converted for FSX. Unfortunately it was a long time ago so I can't remember which was the offending format! I always use PSDs these days.


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I use PSDs or 24 bit BMP files (millions of colors). I think TGA files work as well. As Dave said, other formats can appear offset in GMAX.
Gentlemen, thank you so much for your responses. Switched the texture files to 24 bit BMP's and all seems right with the world! :) I now have to ask a stupid question...What is a 'PSD' ???? I keep learning new stuff to go with a program(s) that I have played with for years.:)
Again, Thanks much
Fred Z


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PSD is native Photoshop files. They don't display in Gmax unless I've missed something all these years; I use bmp or jpg in Gmax.