P3D v5 Can i have bump textures with interior cabin light effects?

So for years i always had to skip having bump maps because we do not use night textures besides the main panel. This way our realism is accurate for the lighting electrical system. We use effects for cabin lights, cockpit overhead lights, maps lights and other lights. Of course the panel we use night textures as this is already tied to the correct circuit. So what i found is if you have bump maps they will cause the textures not show at night when the effects are on.

So my question is we are now only producing aircraft for P3D with PBR. So with the new SDK can i use the new dynamic lighting effects with the new PBR textures that include bump maps? I still prefer to only have the panel night textures and love the new dynamic lighting which we already use. But i have never released a product yet with PBR for the interior model. And our latest project is getting painted by 3DReach. They do full PBR. So i want to know in advanced so i can request what we need.
I thought of a way i can test it today. i can use one of the finished exterior textures from 3DReach and apply it to the cabin floor and seats even if its not for them and then add some dynamic lighting. this way i can confirm so we know which way to go. Will update this post later.
I found out today that p3d always worked using night textures with bump maps since its DirectX 10+ and FSXonly had that issue. Since we used the FSX 32 bit models for older p3d versions we never noticed. But now that we will be using full PBR for interior i am very happy that bump maps are ok. And yes my test today worked....