Cannot eliminate autogen objects

I modified the LOIR Reutte / Austria airfield from the Flightport page with ADE 1.76.6715 to use it in P3D V4. Everything works fine except using the
runway in the usual way. There are some trees standing on the runway.
They are placed in this position by Autria Professional HD. When this scenery was deactivated the trees disappeared, but also some characteristic landmarks and the river Lech.
Unfortunately FTX Global Vector or UT EUR do not fill this gap. Otherwise it would be an acceptable work around to me.
The priority of LOIR is above Austria Professional HD.

These are the measures I've taken to tackle this issue:
- exclude rectangle that covers almost the entire airfield set to "All"
- airport background with the tags: "flatten mask class map excludeautogen"
- airport background set to "exclude everything"

Nothing of these activities helped to delete the trees.
Is there something in ADE didn't consider or what could help ADE to win this competition? Any ideas would be appreciated.