P3D v3 Cant merge textures


I am a novice in scenery design and have done most of my airport so far in ADE. Now I am at the stage where I learn to model and texture buildings. I use Scetchup for modeling and make textures in Gimp. The modeling goes pretty well and I am slowly getting the hang of textures (hopefully).

I make the textures in Gimp and export to .BMP and then applying in Sketchup.
In McX I get a warning that two of my textures is not in the Power of two so I convert them via the mass texture editor.

Then I use the Minimize Drawcall function to combine textures.

But it doesnt merge any textures but creates a New blank 1024x1024 sheet. See the output folder image below

I am wondering if I am doing anything wrong or if this is a settings issue. Hopefully someone can shed some light to help me out.

Some of my settings:

Below an image of the Hangar so far


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I suspect you have tiled the textures in SketchUp, which means it is not easy to combine them into one texture sheet. Could that be the case?

Also I see you are using the old version 1.3, the latest development release has an improved drawcall minimizer as well. But if the problem is the tiling the new version can't solve that either :), although it allows you to try different texture sizes more easily.
Hi Arno
Thank you for the reply.

Surely the textures are tiled as you suspect. So I would be better off trying to make all the surfaces within one texture sheet then.

I didnt even know I had an old Version of Your software. I will surely update it.