P3D v4 Chevrolet Suburban - Released

Christian Bahr

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I thought it would be time to introduce my current Chervrolet project :)

First, a big thank you to Manfred (Mjahn) and Rob (rcbarend) for the excellent support. Now the Chevrolet has built much more technology than I would have ever wished for. Starting with the driving dynamics and the automatic transmission from Rob, up to animation codes, WindshildRainEffect and functioning brake lights based on the LUA Script Code from Manfred. It's a lot of fun to learn from the two and get support!

What has happened so far ...

First, the simple things had to be introduced to the Chevrolet: animations of the doors etc as well as a driver:


PBR material and PBR textures ensure a natural shine on the skin. Hehehe, sounds like an advertisement for skin cream: "Buy now PBR for a healthy glow and a beauty without make-up" :)




Passengers can be added via the Fuel and Payload menu of the P3Dv4!

The WindShildRainEffect:


The Windshild Raineffekt is also presented to all glass materials! That this effect is finally available in the Chevrolet, Manfred is due. Thank you so much for the expert's knowledge!

What is already finished ...

Animations & Clickspots
- Windowpanes
- Armrests
- Doors
- Tailgate
- Hood
- Driver
- Light switches (internal light, external light)
- Sun Visors
- Starter

- Full PBR add-on
- Working Brakelights via LUA Material Scripting
- 3 passengers male/female can be faded in/out via P3Dv4 Fuel and Payload Menu
- Animated Raindrops on Glass Materials (WindshildRainEffect) in the internal and external model
- Front Lights as Dynamic Lights
- Countless Clickspots for all corresponding Animations

Special functions
- 6-speed gearbox, including reverse gear. Optional automatic or manual gearshift
- Optional joystick for steering, braking and accelerating
- Optional joystick plus rudder pedals as brake and accelerator pedals
- Driving dynamics according to the manufacturer's Chevrolet Suburban performance data
- Squeaky tires during braking and while accelerating
- Realistic Sound
- Drift

What's to come ...

Virtual Cockpit
- Speedometer
- Tachometer
- small fuel gauge

Special functions
- Interior and exterior mirrors
- Windshield wipers

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Ok this is so cool. Can we have this in black with the avatars using "secret service" ear buds and sunglasses with their hands/finger pressing on the ear piece. :cool:

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Ok this is so cool. Can we have this in black with the avatars using "secret service" ear buds and sunglasses with their hands/finger pressing on the ear piece. :cool:
Hehehehe, where only these crazy ideas come from ... :D

But, but, but ... the idea was not that crazy! Because the color of the paint was chosen in the PBR material settings. But now - by your crazy idea - the color of the paint is now determined by a PBR texture. You can now choose your preferred finish ... for example black:


The animated windshield wipers are now ready :)

NICE :) 1/4 :)
I just can't wait to finally have a realistic car

Back in the past, when GameSpy was still on, we were a group of friends flying together, one day, we decided to make a changes, and use land vehicles (the freeware HumVee) and we started a road trip, we also used the LCAC to cross rivers (it has a hard deck), but as you may know, it was using default FSX engine so not very controllable at high speed. We looked on top Google map to know the direction etc...

Now GameSpy is dead, all the friends are gone, but I still do road trips, Thank you for this :)