Clean out an autogen building


I use a free scenery for Bardufoss airport in Norway (AON, Airports of Norway). Generally this scenery is to be used in combination with Orbx Norway and that combination works great, no problems!
Now I have just compiled some very nice photoscenery and autogen for the area so my idea is to use ORBX Norway for winter season with snow and come summer, spring and autumn I untick it in my scenery library and switch to my photoscenery. The problem is that when using the combo photoreal + autogen I get one lousy (yes 1 :) ) ugly autogen building to show up in the midde of the airport apron. Can I somehow with ADE remove that one autogen object? if so how?

I had a look at the Annotatoor and honestly, it just looks way too complicated to learn just to remove one little building. Is there no way to just delete an autogen building directly in ADE? If not I might just have to live with the issue.


Resource contributor
The simple way to do that in ADE is to create an Exclude rectangle around the location of the building. It's the button with the yellow square on it. Set it to Exclude All and the autogen building should be removed. The ADE file must be in a scenery layer in the Scenery Library with a higher priority than the building's BGL file.

Hope this helps,