FSX Compile Error Message

I tried to compile for the first time with FSDS installed on a new Windows 10 computer and got an error. Can anyone tell me what all of this means and what the corrective action is?
FSDS error.JPG
I aked for a list of error messages recently and even a long time ago.... no answers... not even an I dunno. Not a link to anywhere. No one knows or not telling. ;)
I HAVE direct X. These messages occur when I do something bogus. It would be nice if we knew what these meant to we could go fix them easier so your buddy who is watching through Skype doesn't go.... BBWAHAHAHAHA! ;)
Aha! found version -5.0!!! just havin' fun. Just would be nice if layman terms could be used in explaining some of these errors.
You may need to install DirectX v9.0c. What ver of FSDS? (seven year old program right?) What version Of FSX. The trouble is DirectX 9.0c should have been installed with FSX.

The 1.0.2902 is a managed assembly for DirectX

Windows 10 issue? ......... Mircosoft!

Do you have .NET v2 or 3.5 installed on Windows 10.

see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows/which-version-directx#which-version-directx=windows-7

I think windows 10 only has DirectX 11 or 12?? Make sure you do a save restore point.
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OK- I'll do this again since I was not clear..................... I have FSDS 3.5.1 It works fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have FS9 and FSX Accel with the proper sp. I have the proper direct X. I have Win 7.
these messages occur ONLY WHEN I DO SOMETHING WRONG. (Like- Dianna enters Worf's quarters.... looks down and sees the coffee table all smashed. She says, "Did the coffee table do something wrong?") I merely would think i9t would be nice to have a layman's terms description of these error messages.
Not seen that message before, but I remember from years ago that if you have UAC (User Account Control) turned on and FSDS in the usual Program Files place it caused problems creating the model due to stuff being read only. To test this theory you'd need to move the Abacus folder somewhere else that UAC doesn't control. I must stress though, that I turn off UAC by default since I've never had a need for it, although it does protect you from unwanted applications changing things on your pc. Most of that error does point at DirectX, if you click on start and enter the following into the search box dxdiag what version of DirectX does your pc say it has. As an example my windows 7 dxdiag says DirectX 11.
As I mentioned above. All is well. always has been. Now and then if we do something wrong, FSDS responds with error messages.... sometimes a long list of them. I only wished there was a definition of these .... that's all. That was my only question.