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Compiler Errors Found.

The first section is only a warning, (>5000 m) - this is not important, it just means you have objects more than 5000 m from the ARP.

The second part is all one type of error - you have a fix type = RUNWAY in the "main page" of your approaches. The compiler does not like this. This entry is the initial part of the approach, that the rest of the approach builds onto. You need some kind of waypoint or navaid to begin your approach code. The RUNWAY fix type should only be specified for the last leg of the approach.

Hope this helps,
So this is from AS Mega Airport Frankfurt scenery. I've never come across this error before, and have no idea what I'm missing, or how to fix. Which means I can't make small changes to match my sim preferences. Any layman fixes would help,

I don't know what program you are using to edit the file. If you are using ADE, you go into Approach Mode (upper right button), List/Approaches, choose one, Edit, and then change the RUNWAY choice you see in the resulting window. However, editing approaches is not a simple matter and this change could render all of them useless without extensive editing.