FSX Create identical XML LibObjects having individual friendly names ?


Found this very useful command for Scenproc to add several windmills to my scenery, with their actual heading and nearly real size :

“ Create library objects where
- the GUID is stored in an attribute named OBJGUID,
- the scale in an attribute SCALE
- the heading in an attribute HDG “

CreateXMLLibObj|OBJ="HOUSE" |{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}|HDG|0|0|SCALE|NONE |OBJGUID

Now, would it be possible to modify/extend this command to give each of these objects an explicit name also retrieved from an attribute ?

Thanks for your help
Hello Arno,

No, I did not mean the GUID. Sorry to have mislead you.

Maybe I should have described the global process I'm in.

1. My autogen data is managed with QGIS (created one project for each region).

2. Each project contains separate layers for vegetation, buildings, roads, waterways, and so on.

3. I use several layers (polygon, point) within each of these categories.

4. All this data is then processed with Scenproc to produce either pure autogen (AGN files) or Objects (BGL files)

Its for the numerous "windmills" placed as points in QGIS that I intend to use the above mentioned "CreateXMLliboj" command, to set the accurate heading and approx. height.
The "ExportBGL" command will then create one BGL file for each windmill : thereby using only a single name + a number.

What I would like to achieve in the end, is each BGL having a "friendly name" of its own, as defined within the pertaining attribute table in QGIS.

Would that be possible ? I hope it would :)



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So you mean the name of the BGL file that is made? That can not be set from an attribute (how would that work, since the file is not related to one feature). So you need to set that file in your script.

The CreateXMLLibObj step has nothing to do with the name of the BGL file.