Creation of low poly simple hotels

Hello alltogether,

to populate the surrounding area of my Hurghada project I am looking for assistance to create the major hotels along the Red Sea coast.
It should represent the actual hotels but they do not have to be high detail. Maybe someone is interested in helping me with these hotel resorts?

Please contat me via PM for more details and if you have any questions.
Looking forward to your replies!
You could ask Simbreeze because he also implemented Hurghada and built the most important hotels in his scenery. Maybe he would help you. I can not think of anything else right now. But maybe someone else can help
Do you have any reference photos? And within what timeframe you´d need the models finished, and how many are there? I don´t have any experience with professional scenery design, but I do a bit of 3D modeling with Blender and created some models for my own flying area. So if you don´t find anyone else I´d volunteer to help. Maybe I could try to create one of the hotels and send the model to you and if you´re happy with it I could do some more.