FSX Custom object textures flash invisible

Hi guys,

I have made some approach lights in FSDS and only used default textures in the fsx\texture folder. At some angles the objects show perfectly, but if I move around they become invisible. So from some angles they show fine, and others it's as if there aren't any objects there!?
Can anyone help?

Dont know if it can be usefull : in my AB1000 rotating beacon I use landing lights FSX effect. The "lights" are visible only when the projectors are in "front" view.
Thanks very much, I explained wrong I think, I have made approach lights for the runway, no effect, just the actual structure, so the light pole, but they still disappear which is confusing, any ideas?

Dont know if it can be usefull : in my AB1000 rotating beacon I use landing lights FSX effect. The "lights" are visible only when the projectors are in "front" view.
Hi Jpfil, these landing lights effects rotate. do you mind explain a Little the process. I want to make a lighthouse.

I first make the projectors set and add a rotation animation (the rotation speed is depending the flash code of the lighthouse i.e. flash per second.

I add theese lines in PartDataDefs.txt :

attachpt_rotatif_1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <FSMakeMdlData version="9.0"> <Attachpoint name="attachpt_rotatif_1"> <AttachedObject> <Effect effectName="fx_landing" effectParams=""/> </AttachedObject> </Attachpoint> <Visibility name="general_light"> </Visibility> </FSMakeMdlData>

attachpt_rotatif_2 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <FSMakeMdlData version="9.0"> <Attachpoint name="attachpt_rotatif_2"> <AttachedObject> <Effect effectName="fx_landing" effectParams=""/> </AttachedObject> </Attachpoint> <Visibility name="general_light"> </Visibility> </FSMakeMdlData>

ATT. Between attachpt_rotatif_1 and <?xml version="1.0"... => a space and a tab.

Note the effect's name : fx_landing. This is a default FSX effect.

I add a small cube for each and name them with the effect names. I have two projector so : attachpt_rotatif_1 and attachpt_rotatif_2.

Each cube have as parent the rotating projectors set, so they turn with the set.

The FSX landing flash effect is oriented so you have to test it in MCX or FSX.

You can see the result in one of my CYPN airport scenery (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9ExzT1VmLdpVmdJdlY5anFRY2c&authuser=0).

Note. I have made a lot of lighthouses but I never use this method for the flash. I simply use a standard flash non rotating effect. The rotating effect is more realistic but the flashing one is more visible at distance. My St-Lawrence lighthouses scenery : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9ExzT1VmLdpT1E0N3N1M0xvLUk&authuser=0
All right thanks for answer. it's said that default effect can't be animated. not the case of aircrafts lights so the interest in this kind of effects. about visibility no problem, better even, because I wanted it be viewed at greater distance. it will be two effects attached to two rotating planes. this and the distance visibility were my major problems with the light houses. thanks again.
Using an effect.............. effects for lights seem to "turn off" a split second before they exit your view. i.e. I look at a light with effects I made on a hangar... very nice. Now I pan slowly to the left and just before the light leaves my view....blinko! lights gone!!!! Can do FSDS weak process and this won't happen. but then small problem, really. Maybe this was not the question.