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Dawn/Dusk effects

During some tests of environmental sounds I have made a couple of observations about the placement of effects with DAWN/DUSK effect parameter values in FSX.

In my testing I have found that FSX does not differentiate between dawn and dusk, especially the combinations "DAWN=1;DUSK=0" and "DAWN=0;DUSK=1" do not lead to the expected result, both cases instead resulting in effects being active dawn as well as dusk.

Furthermore, at least for sound effects, it seems like placements with abovementioned combinations lead to unexpected side effects, like sounds playing all times of day and similar.

Parameter values "DAWN=1" or "DUSK=1" also make the effect active both dawn and dusk.

Can anyone confirm that DAWN and DUSK do not work as intended?

I would also be very interested to hear if the same parameter values (don't) work in the same way in P3D.
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I believe you are correct, and I think NIGHT and DAY may have the same problem. I know I had to place a beacon effect twice in order to get it to display at Dusk and Night but not at Dawn or Day.