FSXA DC-3 Enhanced


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Why spend a sunday evening flying when you can fix an airplane up that you only like because it plays a role in a famous book about vintage aviation that you're currently reading?

At least I have chalked down a few hours in Max 2015 now and got used to exporting from it. Yay for me, I guess.

  • Switch positions for the boost pump switches fixed
  • Panel night lighting fixed and improved
  • Fuel tank selector for the right engine works as intended now
  • "Fasten Seatbelt" switch now works as it should
  • "Lock tailwheel" lever now moves in the correct direction
  • Carburetor heat levers are now operable
  • Fuel cutoff levers are now operable
  • Panel light switch will not turn off the nav lights anymore

  • Right engine and wing visible from the VC
  • Patched up some holes so the DC-3 can be flown from the right seat now
  • The cabin model from the exterior is now accessible in VC mode
  • More switches on the right overhead (that do more or less useful stuff)
  • "GPU" to support extended startup procedures
  • Passenger cabin lights are now independent from the cockpit flood lights

Night lighting:

1. Off

2. Panel lights

3. Flood lights (aliased to wing lighting)

The new switches:


This might hold people over until that super-highres-ultra-cockpit for Manfred's C-47 is released.

(The VC textures in the screenshots are courtesy of Hani Michal, by the way.)


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Developing for FSX at least keeps me borderline sane, even if it's not CV-grade stuff.

And while I'm at it:
An engineering degree is not a silver bullet for a job unless you're very specialized and know the right people.

But back to the actual topic now.


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The barely visible landing light source effect in the VC view just irked me, so...

And yes, that's rain on the window. I should probably request a name change for the forum. "Rain Man" or so.


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And yet another project that totally got out of control. Wipers, cockpit click sounds and a working emergency hydraulic system. And of course even more plugged holes. The model is like swiss cheese!
And yet another project that totally got out of control. Wipers, cockpit click sounds and a working emergency hydraulic system. And of course even more plugged holes. The model is like swiss cheese!
Well, if you want to keep busy, I bet you can make those radio's on the ceiling work and model them in 3D too ;)
You haven't seen the DC-3/C-47 VVC by Jan Visser, have you? ;-)
I actually did, that video he released yesterday is incredible! Those models, those textures, those sounds... Only thing missing is the smell of oil, grease, leather and sweat ;)

But the cockpit is still in alpha, so who knows how long it will take to complete... And tbh, the cockpit that comes with Manfred's model is nice, but it doesn't do it for me. It's too new and it feels way more at home in the Basler BT-67


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The hydraulic system is pretty much complete. Just need to make add a dependency for the flaps. You need to watch your pressures now.

I've also stepped up my wiper game a bit at the cost of a PITA texture creation process and more drawcalls and VAS use.


I would donate my hydraulic system simulation to Jan's C-47 if he wants to. I don't stand a chance against his model anyway, so it's better go down swinging and contribute something.

Today I've worked on the exterior model a bit. Merged James Eden's remapped fuselages and the other additions from the AWESUM4SUM models with the model from the SDK so I could fix the rudder animation on the LC-47 and the nav lights. Bonus: The result retains the wing flex of the original FSX model.

Well, if you want to keep busy, I bet you can make those radio's on the ceiling work and model them in 3D too ;)
Pass. :confused:


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I've made more than enough changes to warrant a proper project title.

Still plucking away at stuff, but I've made progress.
The external model now consists of the (mildly enhanced) models from James Eden and Jon Murchison, which fix the default model's awful fuselage texture mapping and add a few model variations like skis, cargo or larger windows. I also managed to fix the wingflex and add it to the VC, so you can see her flapping from inside and out. Wipers are present as well.

Most work was done in the VC. I've rearragend stuff a bit...


The labels for the switches were redone and the main panel is now a continuous gauge polygon that can be played around with. A G1000 equipped DC-3 is entirely possible now.

As a further addition to the systems, I've implemented the mixture handling of the real thing. Four settings are available: Cutoff-Auto Lean-Auto Rich-Rich. But since it could be necessary to fine-tune the mixture, the levers have the default direct adjustment mode as a backup.

Next up: Start procedure, flaps (*Cough*) and revising the cowl flap system. Maybe make the side windows operable as well, but this will require a bit of sound work.


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Well, the flaps are in and work as on the real thing (no detents, thanks to XMLTools). The cowl flaps work as advertised as well, with "trail" mode closing them as dictated by the aerodynamic load. Side windows can be opened now and you'll get some wind sounds to boot, but apparently, the noise level with windows open and closed is pretty much the same on the real thing, so that saved me some work.
Added some smaller visual touchups like rebuilt clutter in the back cockpit area and plugging some more holes in the models.

One mod I couldn't pass up is the single-piece windscreen found on many restored DC-3s. Next to offering a better field of vision, the new windscreen was also finally water tight.


Next up are the engines, with implementing the start procedure as step one.
Hi Folks

Many thanks Bjoern -

For your excellent personal modifications,
and compilation / integration of 3rd party's modifications.

I'd entirely missed this thread previously.

Looking forward
to re-discovering this bird.

One mistake,
you've added rain to the windshield.

It should occur inside the cockpit, (according to Gann). :D

Just a head's up
to any other potential downloader -

FF48 and IE11 browser users
by default, have cookies disabled.

will display package contents appropriately,
but with zero warning, or indication,
will totally inhibit your download attempts.

Unless -
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Hi, I found your enhancement for the stock DC3 and I'm pleased that someone addressed the shortcomings of the aircraft. So I installed you enhancements and pasted your adjustments into the cfg file but the panel light switch still lights up the cabin. You say the cabin switch is aliased with the wing light. Ok. What does that mean? Both have to be on or just one at a time? Tried fiddling with the permutations (only just a couple) but to no avail. Could there be a conflict with the Just Flight/AirPlane Heaven DC3 that I have installed? I know they were very sloppy in assigning the stock 2D panel made for a 3 fuel tank variation to their 4 tank version and this screws up distances for flights etc. Anyway, looking forward to your reply. Cheers!