Effect trigger issue

Hello guys,

i'm having a weird problem with the day/night - dusk/dawn effect parameters.

While researching for another problem in the past couple of days i found someone mentioned a similar problem here in the forum but after several hours of searching i wasnt able to find it again so i hope you don't mind that i open a new topic.

I have created apron edge lights with effects attached to them. Have seperate attach points for day/night and dusk/dawn.
Actually i didnt attach the effects but the controllers so that the lights show up when you fly to the airport from a Different location.
It has type 3, a distance of 10 km and a delay of 10000000.

Now the Problem is this....the Effects work Great when i start the sim in daytime and the Time advances to dusk and night.
So this pattern works ok....

FS Launch in daytime - Effects are Off
Time advances to Dusk - Effects go On
During the night and Dawn - Effects stay On
The next day - Effects go Off

So all good there.

But here comes the weird thing.
When i launch FS during Dusk or Dawn the Effects are not showing up. However if i wait until sim time switches to Night the effects suddenly go on and stay on until sim time switches to dawn...then they go off.
The same is happening when i launch the sim at night. Effects stay off but here they turn on when time advances to dawn.
So it seems that the effects don't trigger for the time of day that you select when you create the flight....but then when you stay on the apron and watch the time advance to the next effect trigger like from night to dawn suddenly they turn on as they should.

I hope someone can shed some light on this. I was trying to figure out whats going on since 2 days but had no success.

Thank you for your reply Gary.

I did read that post and already have the effects placed twice. One for Day/Night and another one for Dusk/Dawn.

I have tried a lot of things in the past days but i just cant get the effects to show for the time of the day i choose to start the flight.
Still they all work perfectly fine if i wait on the apron till the time moves on from Dusk to Night as an example.

I think i will just replace the effects with the textured planes method although i would have prefered to use effects since they seemed to look nicer from the distance.

Now that i began to look into scenery design myself i have even more respect for all of you and the great work you are doing.
Creating even what seems to be basic stuff like good looking custom edge lights for aprons and runway lights is much more complicated than i would have thought.

For a beginner its pretty hard to find all the latest techniques. There there are a lot of Tutorials and stuff around on youtube, google and here of course and i did a lot of them just to find out with P3D they don't work any longer hehe

So probably thats also the case here although i don't see what i could have done wrong as the effects all work fine. Just not for the time i select in the Flight creation screen when i launch P3D :)