I have been working on my local airport for some weeks now, you can check out this vid i did on it.

I'm hoping to expand the area to a corridor to the next field with VFR objects as waypoints en route, possibly churches or just any object over 100ft to start.

any suggestions please leave in the comments or post here.


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Here is some pics of what i have done so far.

egbo 1.JPG

Most of the houses surrounding the field have been modelled, got about another 20 to do!

egbo 2.JPG
i have yet to master my own 3d grass that i am happy with.

egbo 3.JPG

Happy with the tower not 100% yet. i will go back at some point, would be fun to add the interior some day but more important things to get on with
egbo 4.JPG

still a few more object to add, small things like fuel pumps etc.

egbo 5.JPG

Next big thing is getting all the farms and polly tunnels etc in 3d for all circuits, hedges and trees.
It's looking great Rob. I like the tower.

I would be very interested in a copy of this when it's available.

That link in the first post doesn't seem to work for me BTW. It just goes to a page titled My Videos which is empty. I did find the video previously by searching for recent videos with P3D EGBO in the title, and noticed the page link was the same as the one you listed, but for some reason that link in the OP leads to another page.

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Looks very good indeed!

Saves me from spending any more time on my modern Halfpenny Green as well... Want to take over my WW2 version, so I can quit completely? :)

Ian P.
WW2 version? that would be interesting with full 04 runway and the building that are now pig pens. would need images for that tho. What did you manage to get done on the modern ian?
More updates, find myself going back to old stuff and reworking them as my techniques get better.

getting the textures on my truck was a git but it not too bad, will go back over it in future


modeling inside buildings! a step too far?


Going around the local area adding buildings for low altitude flying in the circuit pattern


Placed grass strip on runway edges to show grass taxiways

Hi Rob,

I didn't get very far, as I was concentrating on a WW2 version, trying to get it done by the airfield's 75th Anniversary (which I have missed, at the end of last year...) - I'm hacking through the historical buildings fairly well, but have ground to a halt because of some issues compiling it all in Blender (a.k.a. "it won't compile")

Obviously I'm not using photoreal textures for the buildings, either. They'll end up camouflaged at some point, but right now they're just grey render... Apparently a couple of different shades thereof, because some of my AO layers are set incorrectly.


Ian P.
(Who learned to fly from the Guardroom, with Aceair and BATS, then moved to the Gas Clothing Store with TFC and last flew with Bob, based out of the Maintenance Stores and Office... ;) )
Happened to notice your tutorial video for SimDirector made use of our Orbxlibs in this scenery

I appreciate it may have been for demonstration purposes, but I will politely point out the EULA regarding Orbxlibs:

The Orbx Libraries (Orbxlibs) are licensed for use ONLY with Orbx products licensed by our customers. Whilst they are freely distributed on this site and our forums it is for the support of our own products only. It is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN to modify, use, call GUIDs, reference, extract or in anyway make use of Orbxlibs in any software project be it freeware, donation ware or payware.