EHAM Westerly Operations

Hi All,

I've been trying to set this runway config up at FlyTAmpa EHAM P3DV4.4

Departure : 24
Landing 27 22

Departure is OK, but the inbounds only land at 27 non at 22,

This is what I have, what have I missed?


Have you tried bringing up ATIS to see which runways are being called out? I doubt they are according to your list
you could try dragging 6/24 up between 13/31 and 12/30, then delete 15/33, 8/36 and 7/25
you could also then lose one of the fake runways by using 7.8 from 4/22 to 9/27
I've never tried wind direction files for EHAM i have only ever activated all 6 of them
it's more or less the same so you can only try it,
the trick with using Jim's Xwind runway technique is to bring up ATIS to make sure the runways you want activated are called out in the correct order
works for me :)
then it is working then, parking will also affect which runway will get used for take off as well as direction aircraft are coming from for landing
also keep in mind 4/22 is a restricted runway because of its length, so heavies will probably not use it........
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no i didn't say it "will" work as I've never configured EHAM runways that way, but it may well work
well the 18's are certainly not in the Xwind setup so they probably are not active
is this the setup you are trying to achieve as per your 1st thread?
ADE menu/View/Starts then highlight the red start circles on 9/27 and delete
Hopefully, I've been at this for 2 days and reading Jim's tutorial. It's ben a nightmare, but it is my first time at trying this.
Also, thanks for the help on this, so I 'll run 'the' config and see what happens, as you said it may well work after all this.
The next issue will be the Jim's 'advanced tutorial', I've read it but now sure how that one works. Any tips on this one?
2 days, that's a good learning curve as you are learning Jim's great technique, so well done, just keep in mind not all airports work well using the Xwind runway technique..............................
when you have been doing this for as long as i have here's my version of EHAM using Jim's "Advanced" version which took me 20 mins :)
this should help you understand the Advanced technique, i did it going up from the 183's but you can do it going down
good luck
can i have breakfast now to get some energy back LOL!!!