Error msg question

I use SAMM version, FSX Accel and Win 7-64.
I am new to SAMM and have already learned several things the hard way > by reading the manual ~:) and experimentation.
I've run into some error messages that occur late during the FSX startup routine. I can comply with them easily; But I can't figure
out what to do to prevent them. In other words, how to enable the folder(s) to go where they should be going instead of the
need to copy the folder(s) manually to the required locations each time I convert an ac. Are all of the implied actions necessary
or am I perhaps doing something during the ac conversion process to cause what appears to be some redundancy or unnecessary
folder movement ? I have been copying the necessary texture files from my SAMM library to the ..\FSX\addon scenery\KLRF\texture
folder and of course after ADE compiles the airport the resulting scenery BGL file is updated in the KLRF\scenery folder. Then the
converted ac appears in FSX where I placed it with ADE. It is all black until I comply with the error messages and then it looks
good for the most part. No down gear and props all blurry > but i may have found a solution for prop and gear issues in another post here,
where I learned that I should be converting FS9 ac. If this is true then I should be able to create more realistic looking static ac in future.
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SAMM has a placement function. If you use it, your aircraft and textures will be saved appropriately.. If you place with ADE, then there is no alternative but to copy the associated textures manually. SAMM "knows" nothing about ADE placement and ADE "knows" nothing about SAMM texture configurations.
Hi Don.
Either I missed or didn't understand how to use SAMM's folder / File placement feature. I'll try to find it in the manual.
Does this function normally send the same folder to three different FSX locations as inferred by the above screen capture(s) ?
Is this required in order for the SAMM ac conversion to render correctly in FSX ?
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Does this function normally send the same folder to three different FSX locations
Depends on the options you choose. Incidentally, they are not the same folder. They are 3 folders with different contents but the same name (i.e., the aircraft name you choose) saved to 3 different places.
Thank you for the fast reply Don. I must be saving my conversion with the "verbose" options ~:)
I'll need to do more reading and experimenting to find out what's best for me.
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