FSX:SE Exporting issues

Hi, so I'm trying to port an FS2004 aircraft to FSX:SE, but I'm having some issues. The animations are currently very broken in the sim, only the gear, reverse thrusters and engine animations work, but the gear door and flap animations do not. When I put the model into MCX all the animations appear to work, although the main gear dissapear. When I export the aircraft as an FSX model, the preview shows nothing and the sim crashes when I attempt to load it.

Any ideas?


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Did you check all animations in the animation editor? If an incorrect type is assigned they will be lost on exporting to mdl.


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The FS2004 to FSX conversion is currently not automatic - you must make many manual changes yourself. And note that you will probably have the fewest conversion issues if you set the Importer Settings - Use Conditions to User Specified, if it's not there already.