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MSFS First Project - Small Airfield

Hi again.

I brought some of the objects over to the sim. First startup basically, i didnt tweak the textures yet for the sim.

Theres no ground poly yet, have to flatten and make some own grond textures. Somehow i also have issues with the asobo stuff, the grass always is below a tar texture or something. Probably i do something wrong... Grass works and 1 or 2 sand textures (when i put them onto a ground poly) but the big part of asobo some how not.

Anyway, here we go.






Normally the normal user does not see the details like developers do!
I'm waiting for a good helicopters in MFS to explore the details.
Wonderfull work.
Thank you. Yes, i guess its a bit much at times. But somehow i want to give it as much love i can^^

Starting to come together




I have more clutter already done, just not converted yet.

Ground and flatening is still missing, have trouble with it for whatever reason. But it will get there.

The house in the middle isnt fully textured yet and behind that and the last one in the back, one other is missing. That one and doing the ground and placing some clutter, that should be doable :) There is some light at the end of the tunnel at least.

Imo, if one knows the airport its immediately recognized ^^

It looks great!
Did You Use only Polygons for Ground and flatening? You can also Use Apron for Ground. Make it 0% Opaque that clear the Ground.
Thank you.

I've tried both. But they appear only slightly grey with the grass looking through. Probably i overlooked that opaque thing. Will.try again, thanks :)
Thanks again^^ Its a bit weird but as soon i added one apron with texture, the other polys got the right texture as well... Not really understanding why (its somehow reproducible) but it works now.

Mainbuilding nearly done too. Now there is the end in sight of this project ^^ A few smaller objects and a bit groundwork and were done here.



First venture into ground... not really happy yet. Its not bad but where one goes to the other looks a bit weird imo. Have to play around more...

That other pic is the backside from the one in previous pic.
And one from the sim, without clutter yet.... And i didnt yet decide how i make the glass. With a texture or playing around with the msfs glass shader and make it somehow opaque, theres no "walls" inside yet.



Resource contributor
If these are truly your first steps in Blender your improvement curve is incredibly large you are promoted to a great future.
Good job !
If these are truly your first steps in Blender your improvement curve is incredibly large you are promoted to a great future.
Good job !

That are some kind words my friend :) Thank you.

Yes, its really like that... no reason to lie about something like that, i guess. Currently im getting reminded of this fact quite often, redoing things over and over until they are free of errors... Seems im also saving too much on ploys. The whole scene has 56.000 tris now... If i hear Finn from Orbx mentioning his last airfield hat 1.5 million for a p3d project, well, lots of room then left it seems. But maybe better stick to this low poly way, in regard to future projects that are way bigger, with more buildings etc. I can imagine that my current way is not too far off for those.

Many topics still not really clear to me. UV-unwrapping is one of them, i think i still can learn a lot there. And the whole SDK thing gives me many questionmarks ^^ Currently struggling with terrain a bit... And vegetation will be another thing i still have to learn. All in all, im really still a noob ^^ Not sure what i would do without this forum, for example.
So, it comes together.

Have to tweak the textures more for the sim, it seems. It looks good in Substance but AO is too dark and white-tones too bright... in the noon hours. But im not surprised by that, i didnt expect the first every try will look any good anyway.

Some clutter stuff isnt in yet and some parts of the vegetation. Maybe i find 1 or 2 more fitting objects from standard library... dont really want that but if its something that is really on the airport, like those garbage bins, why not...





Maybe the last post before i release some beta version, if someone wants to give it a go... Would like to hear from ppl with lower end pc how well it runs, for example.
That are 4k textures. One for each building (so 5 textures, 4 for the buildings plus one for the the tower). And clutter objects share one 4k texture.

All in all it should be not more than 8 or 9 textures.

I've tried to save texturespace but probably with the right way to unwrap there would be more possible. I didn't shrink the roofs for example.
It's not really sharp everywhere though.

The sim has quite a noticable reduction, compared to how it actually looks in Substance Painter.
I think im near a first release. Have to figure out some problems with some areas of the ground. Cant get the ground away, no matter what. But only at certain spots.

Im not completely happy yet but now its only small things (if not some shocking problem comes in between) until at least some form of beta release...

Made some pics with realworld weather, it fits the mood of Germany better ^^






So all in all ive got a quite hefty size for this small project.... i doubt this kind of texturing works for bigger airports. It will come to around 550 MB (the output package).
The trees are standard library objects, yes :) (i hope... Maybe i catched a non-library item accidentally).

So no generated ones on a poly but out of the scenery library.

I didnt figure out how to make my own one yet. Ive read about it but never tried so far. But i have that on my to-do list ^^
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Hello there, very nice progress in the 3d world. I can say I'm a bit like you as well started with blender only a couple of moths before and now I'm doing hangars and buildings like it's no time. And as you I redo them a lot xD but I have to say every time I do that I learn something new. I will post some pics of my first sceney in a seperate post. Greeting from Austria