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MSFS Flag waving in the wind direction

I'm in the making of a tutorial for a flag in msfs2020, but I have this weird distortion in msfs2020
Can someone help me?

in blender, all it's ok and the animation works very well
I checked for the location and rotation and position, (CTRL A, all transforms)
I tested with apply and no-apply of modifiers also

Ok just checked and the problem occurs only if I choose a custom start and custom end in blender in Action editor:

View attachment 69679
When's that tutorial coming out? I've spent the whole afternoon trying to achieve this. However, my bones always fail to track to the simulated cloth.
Has anyone managed to make a flag that is affected by the wind strength (like the example SimObject windsock)?

If so, does anyone have a full package they can share where we can just change the texture of the flag graphic to add our own flags (like we do with the example windsock)?

Would be really grateful if someone has this and is willing to share, it will definitely help people building scenery!
finaly i found the solution how to bake a cloth simulation to the bones and export that to msfs.
it was the approach from post #88 but it does not have to be that complicated you can do it with just one plane.
it needs more tweaking to look even better but it is the right direction :)

with some more subdivisions and adjusting of the weightpainting it is even better :)

next step will be bake different wind speeds to get different animations based on the msfs wind and the rotation of the whole flag.
Hello friend.
How you did for fixing de left side of the flag without movement?
I think I am nearly there, changing the locations of the mesh to zero helped the warping issue, one thing left I cant figure out now is that the animation only bends the flag one way but it plays fine in blender. Here's a recording which shows the config file and the problem; is there anything obvious I am doing wrong? This is the last step to finish my Principality of Sealand model :)


View attachment 69451

View attachment 69452
Hello friend.
How you did for fixing de left side of the flag without movement?
I somehow got something working, but I still struggle with 2 things (1 is already asked in the cloth thread - sorry for that but it may be useful in both threads)

1. What kind of bone constraints are you using for a flag an how do you connect it? Single vertex per bone?
2. I manage to export one animation but then all bone constraints are deleted.
Then how do I proceed for the next animations (different wind speed)? What is the best workflow?

I will share my files if I get it working fine but until now it's not really working properly...
Hmm, a strange result making a basic flag in 3DS Max, just using the same old technique I used for FSX -- placing it twice, one at each end of my building, gives two different results, one behaves as it should and the other goes a bit mad. I am thinking of installing Blender just for flags:)