FSX Flickering and disappearing XML gauges

Hi, I found an old install of FSX laying around a few months ago and last month I started building my first XML gauges for an ATR 42 panel. I found this to be pretty straightforward (except for the RPN but I got the hang of it now).

Until I started building the trim gauge. Then suddenly my autopilot, flaps and power management gauges started to flicker for a second or two and disappeared altogether. Switching on the panel lights brings the gauges back for half a second or something, as does extending the flaps (it shows the flaps gauge just for the duration of the animation). My other self-built gauges are not affected.

Anyone seen similar situations?



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1. Are you using the DX10 Preview mode? If so, try turning it off.
2. Are you using full screen mode? If so, try windowed mode (Alt Enter). Or visa versa.
3. Are these gauges touching each other at all? If so they might be fighting each other. Try moving them farther apart.


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Try converting the bitmap of the trim gauge to 24 bit and shrink it to a size that's closer to the one it has on the actual panel.
It's a classic sense of -
A gauge with an overly large <MaskImage> overlaying a gauge being "next door" .
Rework the gauge -or-
In FSX they gave you a draw order attribute availability in the panel.cfg
Thanks all for your replies!

- DirectX 10 Preview Mode was already switched off
- Not tried full screen versus windowed mode. My other gauges work in full screen so I don't see why these won't work in full screen. But I'll try it in a few minutes.
- Converted the trim gauge to 24-bit to no avail. Also resized it.
- I just added some Visibility tags to my flaps gauge elements. Gonna test it out now.
Windowed mode nor the visibility tags are to blame.

I'll check the MaskImage but to my memory I haven't used them, perhaps an ambitious MouseArea?



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Hm, probably not. What are okay bitmap sizes?
Not okay bitmap sizes would be a 500x500 px bitmap in a 256x256 px gauge.

I think the size of the gauge background bitmap determines the maximum size of all the associated bitmaps used by the gauge's elements.