Flickering Ground Poly

Hello all,

I am new to scenery design, i have modelled ground polygon with success, but texturing it is a bit pain. I m using 3ds max, at material settings "no z write", "no shadow" checked as per sdk, and materials has negative z bias numbers. Most polygons really good, but a few polygon is flickering. I can't solve this issue:) by the way I m not using GPW, ı have exported .x file and have used sdk xtomdl converter, then with ade i have placed ground polygon. Thanks in advance.


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Flickering usually means the ground underneath is not properly flattened. Create another flatten polygon in ADE to cover those areas (yes, another one).
Thanks for reply. I have resolved my problem by using "text Plus" instead of "text" at 3dsmax. Just For info, Boolean operations at splines sometimes create ground polygon flickering.