Floatplane base problem with ADE

Hi Holger,

I downloaded the .pdf from tradewind.org and the technique used is the same as I used in FS9. Sadly this has not transferred directly to FSX so I'm working on it to find the answer. I've tried a few things but as yet no flowing AI.

Thanks for all the help guys. It's good to know I'm not the only one suffering these problems. I recon this is going to be a subject that is under constant revision and development. I'm going to try all the things suggested here and have a play around with ADE. I'll get back to you with a progress (or lack of) report! Thanks again guys.
Hi George,

Just as an update I looked at your afcad for LHD and could see nothing different in yours compared to mine, except for the break in the runway at either end. My problem seems to be associated with the parking spot because the aircraft get stuck there. I've tried various widths right down to zero but it makes no difference and there is no surface to play with. I'm thinking my airport height might not be quite right and I was wondering how you got the height of LHD. I've used TcalcX but on a rising and falling water texture its difficult to get it exact. I put your afcad into FSX and wrote a little flightplan and it all works ok. I used a local airport to LHD for a little to and froing and put in some parking spaces etc at D72. Unfortunately this airport also needs a dummy header because everything is raised about 30' from the surface but the flights worked at the LHD end.

That's weird Colin. I used TCalcX to get the height of the water, the waves are just a rendering effect, they do not affect the height.

Send my your AFD file and I'll take a look.


and there is no surface to play with
The surface is in the parking link.
To anyone who has been following this thread I'd like to mention that George pointed me in the right direction with my problem. When altering the various options I was altering the runway width and not the runway taxiway width which I had defined as zero. The aircraft now fly as they should both taking off and landing.


A tip for everyone

Start FSX and hit key "Y" slew mode for any plane.

Go to any water airport. The plane will not crash because it is in slew mode. Use TcalcX to read the altitude of the water. Like George said, TcalcX does not care what the plane altitude is and it always reads the ground/water altitude of FSX.

If you slew a plane on uneven ground TcalcX will read that also changing the altitude number as you move around.
I read that but there seem to be some confusion on how to read the water elevation so I reinterated what you were saying about TcalcX and a tip on slew mode to get on water with a C172 or any land plane and not crash.
Hi George and Jim,

I have a problem with slewing because as soon as I hit the 'y' the aircraft shoots off into the great blue yonder (a problem with the Saitek X52 that I use). I have to use a Pajero jeep at airports (highly manoueverable) and in this case a floatplane on the water where if you are sitting on the surface the elevation goes up and down. Had I taken off and flown over the water it would have been a steady reading but it didn't occur to me at the time. Anyway the TcalcX is great utility which I'll use anywhere there is some doubt.
Thank you both for your assistance.

I have a problem with slewing because as soon as I hit the 'y' the aircraft shoots off into the great blue yonder

Whilst paused, select Options/Simulation rate/Slowest then, select World/Map and set your speed to zero and height to say 3000ft before entering slew mode and unpausing. Pressing <Ctrl> <Space> will set the aircraft heading to due north.

Hi George,

I'll try that next time I'm in FSX although I've got so used to my Pajero jeep it's not been an issue, just a bit slower. Every extra option helps.