Freeway traffic (vector line)

There is a small amount of documentation on this in the tutorial Terrain_Design_For_Fsx by Luis Féliz-Tirado but nothing about the following -
How to allocate a vehicle to use
Are there any 'timetables' to create (so that vehicles will move at certain times)
What 'rate' (% Road Vehicles in FSX setup) needs to be set at to see traffic on these vector lines?

Is there more documentation on this I can read?

Does the 'tag' B work for two way traffic (Luis stated "At initial release of FS X, two-way traffic was not working. Hopefully, the FS X patch will fix this.")

Thanks Gary,

Indeed I would like interested readers the helpful information I received in the Living World and AI General forum.

As I had no responses in this forum but but a did receive a quick response in the Living World and AI General I incorrectly considered that no one reading this forum would be interested.
I had looked for a way to delete the thread but it seems that once they have been posted for a while that option disappears OR that the initial post can never be deleted.

Thanks for posting the link to my question in the more correct forum. I have learned something again.