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FS2004 FS2004_SDK BGLComp not compiling - Alternative Fix

I recently reset my computer and after reloading all the different programs, I could not get the BGLComp to create a BGL file. I had also loaded MSXLM 4.0 SP3 previously. I opened a Command Prompt window, typed in the command string and no errors displayed. Parse completed, but no BGL. So, remembered there is BGLComp in ADE. Dropped the same file there and it created the BGL file. So, I wondered if it was some kind of Windows Permission problem. Moved the FS2004SDK from Program Files (x86) to just the C: drive and it worked perfectly. If anyone has this problem, it doesn't seem to matter where the compiler file is located and avoids the permissions problem. Unless someone knows of a reason to keep it under the Program Files directory.
All such FS programs should be located outside any Program Files folder. And for me that includes FS itself, excecpt for P3D.
I second Tom Gibson's advice.
Windows... has become a tad too restrictive, thinking every user don't know how to use a computer except for watching a movie, listening to music and opening mail (then get scammed).

I know that Program Files/Programs/Program Data/AppData/User profiles/etc. are there for security, but, those "sensitive" folders are.. a pain the ass (sorry). On my side, even Imagetool got flagged, I get the "Requires administrator privileges" each time I open it, just because I failed to move it out of "Program files (x86)" directory before opening it. Now even if it's already on another drive, Windows still refuses to let it go (well, I'm sure there's a way to fix the problem, but I've fallen back on DxtBmp since)

I honestly will miss WinXP... probably forever.