FSET source code

Yes, the seasonal scripts come with the FSET main package. However, I was looking for the source code to the full program. I’d like to implement the internal FSET resampling code in my fork of ortho4xp. I have managed to disassemble this function, but it is of course messy and difficult to understand in disassembled form.

Kelvin Richardson

Resource contributor
thanks. although this is version 1.0. I am looking for version 1.03b if it is out there somewhere. It includes the extra exclude tiles section of the program.


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You could use jetbrains decompiler to extract the 1.03b code and compare it to the 1.01 code to get your bearings. it shouldn't be too hard to find the exclude section.

Kelvin Richardson

Resource contributor
Thanks, I have just done that and have the code almost merged. A few code errors to handle but pretty happy with it. Once I'm done I will put it out into the wild where it belongs. I have working earth tile service also.