FSX conversion pictures and videos


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Hi all.

I thought I'd start a thread for FSX conversion pictures and videos. Add to it!

The notorious Golden Gate Bridge:

Haha, that thing is really glowing red. I think that is the difference between the FSX and Flight light maps showing through. In FSX the shader switched between the day and night texture, but in Flight it treats the light map texture as additive light and combines it with the "albedo" or day texture. I wonder if I can create a process to automate converting the FSX light maps so they look better in Flight.


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Hi Steve.

I like the glow! Here's a shot from a bit later in the the flight:


Here are two videos flying around
- Lisbon in Portugal
- Central London towards city airport

Love the videos. Looks like some rendering priority issues with the bridge in Lisbon within Flight. Anyone know if that would be fixable on our end?
Hi Steve, it has to do with the way objects are shown on screen, e.g. in FSX a smoke.fx file seems to have a higher priority than clouds. So instead of the smoke from the effect blending into the clouds, it appears over it and the clouds behind disappear (leaving blue sky). From what I understand (going way back to FS2002) Everything in FS has a priority where things reside on a rendering priority layer. e.g. (note not exact numbers)

5000 sky
10000 land
20000 water
30000 polygons
40000 apron markings
50000 buildings
60000 clouds

In the Lisbon video above if we go to 1:19 in, there's a render priority issue of some sort where the supports under the bridge roadway are not quite rendered right. The transparency channel of the supports are also masking the roadway above and displaying the clouds behind. This might just be an artifact though of a bridge that was probably originally built for FS2002/FS2004 and may not actually affect FSX SDK built MDL's that have been converted to Flight.

Ah, that looks like a render order\depth write issue. It could be I am not converting the material correctly, or as you say, it could just be a problem with the material of the model in FSX. I wonder if FSX has that same problem.