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FSX FSX doesn't recognize autogen texture folder

My problem is as simple as it gets. FSX doesn't recognize the autogen scenery through the Scenery Library, although no errors have been given in ScenProc.
I have been using the regular workflow, shown in attachment. Could it be that I miss the photoground .bgl files or anything else?
The images that are also attached show the presence of the autogen files in the export folder, and FSX simply not recognizing scenery structure.
Thanks in advance.
EDIT: The GUID reference to the ORBX building classes.


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it doesn't appear you have the right guid there, test first with default buildings guid!
I have already did, yet the same outcome. I'm loosely guessing that somehow both scenery and texture folders require placement of bgl and agn files respectively.
textures as well!
if one of the textures is not in path you wont see buildings,
orbx relys on their own textures vs default textures, your agn will be looking for that texture in the default sim folder;
while these textures are likely inside orbx folder hierarchy and will be loaded from there as fallback; but not from an "offshore" fallback location,

first make sure you get buildings using regular textures before trying none default textures,
Still the same result. The GUIDs are now changed to {0230e7fd-701b-472b-8fa6-b7a2884e38a6} (Roof_Gabled_16) and {e6d8abb4-739a-4788-a7de-9756452afbcf} (Roof_Flat_Walled__05 (0.25, 0)) which are indeed default. ORBX might be causing some conflict.
Doesn't help. Maybe Arno could also provide me some assistance.
Just in case if you haven't exactly figured out the issue or I wasn't clear, I just want that the Directory and Scenery Area Title fields appear and do recognize the autogen hierarchy.
Just like in the following image.
Okay, no problem. I'm glad that you offered help. Thank you, if you've got anything else, feel free to add. I can also wait, no hurry, but it's somehow grinding my gears :D


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Is your photo bgl in the serbia\texture folder? That's required.


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Hi there,

maybe I'm misunderstanding the question but isn't this just the known "bug" with manually adding scenery in FSX?

The photo scenery .bgl should be in the scenery subfolder and the .agn files in the texture subfolder.

FYI, I assume you're aware of this: if you're planning on distributing your work you cannot utilize/reference Orbx Library objects as they are copyrighted and not available for general use. No issues if this is just for your private enjoyment.

Cheers, Holger
No, no, didn't have any thought about making this public.
That's what I was hoping that would be needed, thank you very much :)