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In FS9 FormattedText XML schema, one can list multiple font colors, font faces, and font sizes and then select which one to display by using the appropriate escape sequence. For example:

<FormattedText X="440" Y="222" Font="consolas" FontSize="8" LineSpacing="8" Color="#101010" BackgroundColor="gainsboro" Bright="Yes" Align="Right">
<Color Value="blue"/><Color Value="red"/><Font Name="consolas italic"/><Font FontSize="10"/>
        %\{clr2}----------------- NearestVorCurrent -----------------\n
        %      ICAO     \{clr5}111\{clr2}\n
        Line  \{clr2}1\{clr4}23\{clr3}4567\{clr5}89012\{clr2}  Ident Type\n
        %((@c:NearestVorItemsNumber) s2 0 !=)
                    %((L:ScrollIncrement, enum) int sp1)
                        %(l1 (>@c:NearestVorCurrentLine))\{lsp=24}\{clr}
                            %((@c:NearestVorCurrentICAO) 'SelectedVORICAO' @FIRString scmp 0 ==)%{if}\{clr4}%{end}
I presume that the escape sequences documented in the link are valid under both FS9 and FSX schema formats.

Question: How does one write the alternate color/size/font choices in FSX schema format? What is the syntax?

<GaugeText><Bold>false</Bold><Bright>false</Bright><FontColor>#FFFFFF</FontColor><FontFace>OCR-A II</FontFace><FontHeightScript>17</FontHeightScript>
    *What goes here?*
        %((L:JoystickButtonScroll, enum) 9 + (C:ITrafficInfo:ListSize) min s2)
        %{if}%((L:JoystickButtonScroll, enum) 8 / int 8 * sp1)
                    %(l1 d (>C:ITrafficInfo:CurrentVehicle) (>C:ITrafficInfo:SelectedVehicle))
                    %((C:ITrafficInfo:SelectedVehicleID) 1 ==)%{if}\{clr2}%{end}
                    %((C:ITrafficInfo:SelectedVehicleID) (L:VehicleID) == )%{if}\{rev}\{blc=olivedrab}%{end}
                    \{clr}%((C:ITrafficInfo:CurrentVehicle) 1 +)%!2d!
                    \t%( @CurrentCallsign )%!s!
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This is the only example I could find quickly:
<AlternateColor id="AlternateColor">

<FontFace>GLASS GAUGE</FontFace>
Not sure whether multiple alternate colors (up to 7 for FS9 schema, IIRC) require their own wrapping "alternatecolor" tag or it suffices to add them to the list by their "fontcolor" tags.
Excellent! Thanks Bjoern.

I had a hunch you would respond. You're the only one I know that has the patience to work with FSX schema.

After reading your response, I took a more careful look at the online SDK. It's in there - just buried a little further down than I looked at first.

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Just another example , used in a Loop in my radar .
( It was done in two parts , (1) readout section , and (2) loop calculation . )
    <!--Target selected AI Lock    %\{clr=@AiFontColor}  On-->
        <Element id="Target_Data">
                    <Visibility>(L:TGTscript, number) 1 ==</Visibility> 
                <Element id="Target_Data">
                    <GaugeText id="target">
                              <GaugeString>\t%Ac %((C:ITrafficInfo:S:ATC MODEL, string))%!s!                                                 
                                \n\n\t%Gs %((L:Target_Groundspeed, number) 10 / near 10 *)%!4d!%kt%
                                \t\t%Alt %((L:Target_Altitude, number) 100 / near)%!4d!\{dpl=FL}
                                \n\n\t%Hdg%((C:ITrafficInfo:S:PLANE HEADING DEGREES MAGNETIC, degrees))%!4d!%\{dplo= }
                                \t\t%\{clr=@AiFontColor}%Dst %((L:Target_Distance, number) 1.59 &lt;)%{if}%((L:Target_Distance, number) 6076 *)%!4d!%ft%((L:Target_Distance, number) 1.6 &gt;)%{else}%((L:Target_Distance, number))%!4.1f!\{dpl=nm}%{end}%
                                \n\n\t%\{clr}%VSI: %((L:Target_VSI, feet per minute) abs flr )%!d!%  %((L:Target_VSI, feet per minute) 0 &lt; if{ 'Dn' } els{ 'Up' } )%!s!
                                \t\t%\{clr=@AiFontColor}%(-299 299 (L:Target_Altitude, number) (A:Indicated Altitude,feet) - rng)
                                    %((L:Target_Altitude, number) (A:Indicated Altitude,feet) - abs)%!3d!%'%
                                    %((L:Target_Altitude, number) (A:Indicated Altitude,feet) - 100 / abs 3 &gt;)
                                    %((L:Target_Altitude, number) (A:Indicated Altitude,feet) - 100 / near abs flr)%!3d!%
                                    %((L:Target_Altitude, number) (A:Indicated Altitude,feet) - 0 &lt; if{ 'blw' } els{ 'abv' } )%!s!
                                \n\n\t%Brg %(@ClosingSpeed (&gt;L:ClosingSpeed,number))%(@AspectAngle (&gt;L:AspectAngle,number))
                                %((L:Target_Bearing, number) abs flr )%!3d!\{dplo= }%  %((L:Target_Bearing, number) 0 &lt; if{ 'L' } els{ 'R' } )%!s!
                                \t\t%Cls %((L:ClosingSpeed,number))%!4d!
and ,

                <Element id="TGT_Data_Calc">
                        <GaugeText id="GaugeText">
                            <FontFace>Gloucester MT Extra Condensed</FontFace>
                            <GaugeString>%((L:Filter) (&gt;C:ITrafficInfo:Filter))
                                %((L:ListFirstVis) 16 + (C:ITrafficInfo:ListSize) min s2)
                                %{if}%((L:ListFirstVis) sp1)
                                    %{loop}%(l1 (&gt;C:ITrafficInfo:CurrentVehicle))
                                    %((C:ITrafficInfo:SelectedVehicle) l1 == )
                                    %((A:PLANE LATITUDE, radians) rddg dnor (&gt;C:fs9gps:GeoCalcLatitude1,degrees)
                                    (C:ITrafficInfo:S:PLANE LATITUDE, radians) rddg dnor (&gt;C:fs9gps:GeoCalcLatitude2,degrees)
                                    (A:PLANE LONGITUDE, radians) rddg dnor (&gt;C:fs9gps:GeoCalcLongitude1,degrees)
                                    (C:ITrafficInfo:S:PLANE LONGITUDE, radians) rddg dnor (&gt;C:fs9gps:GeoCalcLongitude2,degrees)
                                    (C:fs9gps:GeoCalcBearing,degrees) (&gt;L:sAI_Bearing, degrees)
                                    (L:sAI_Bearing, degrees) (A:Plane heading degrees true, degrees) - 360 % dnor s0
                                        180 &gt;
                                        if{ 360 l0 - /-/ } els{ l0 } (&gt;L:Target_Bearing, number)
                                    (C:fs9gps:GeoCalcDistance,nmiles) (&gt;L:Target_Distance, number))

                                    %((C:ITrafficInfo:S:GROUND VELOCITY, knots) (&gt;L:Target_Groundspeed, number))%

                                    %((C:ITrafficInfo:S:PLANE ALTITUDE, feet) (&gt;L:Target_Altitude, number))%
                                    %((C:ITrafficInfo:S:Vertical speed,feet per minute) (&gt;L:Target_VSI, feet per minute))

                                    %((C:ITrafficInfo:S:PLANE HEADING DEGREES TRUE, radians) rddg (&gt;L:Target_Heading, number))%

                                    %(l1 ++ s1 l6 &lt; d)
The alternate colour is previously declared in a Macro .
        <Macro id="AiFontColor" Name="AiFontColor">
Note also that other Escapes are included within the Loop script .


EDIT Shot shows readout text on Radar at right , data relates to aircraft at left .
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