FSX2FS9 Buildings Missing

Hello folks.

Having only recemtly discovered this tool I decided to give it a try. The airport I chose was MMAS in Mexico.

The original FSX scenery files are MMAS cars.bgl, MMAS terminal.bgl, MMAS gas.bgl, MMAS various.bgl, MMAS hangars.bgl, MMAS planes.bgl, MMAS.bgl, MMAS_ADEX_FAG.ad3 and MMAS_ADEX_FAG.bgl.

When I ran the conversion tool it told me that the first six were already configured for FS9 (so just copied them to new airfield folder), the MMAS.bgl file contained no useable data, the .ad3 file I ignored whilst the MMAS_ADEX_FAG.bgl file converted to MMAS_ADEX_FAG.bgl.bgl (yes, two .bgl's). No errors reported.

When loaded into FS9 however, I just got the bare airfield in the scenery. Not a good start!

So I loaded the whole lot info ADE9 and complied it as a single file. Still no scenery objects visible in the sim.

When I hover the cursor over an object in ADE9 it shows a thumbnail of the object together with the GUID, Shows at:, heading and drawing layer but reports file unknown.

Confused. As far as I know, there are only FS9 thumbnails loaded into ADE9. So why can it recognize the object but not be able to find it? Different object library?

Does the fact that the thumbnail is displayed mean that I do have the object somewhere and, if so, how do I find out where?

Over to you.